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AusGamers - General Housekeeping
Melbourne, Victoria
7089 posts
Hey fam, how's things? You keeping well? Nope, too informal. Attention readers the president and ruler of all that is and will be has an announcement to make. Nope, too formal. And a little dictator-y. Ahem. Anyway, this little general housekeeping post is to make a few announcement regarding the file server and contact form systems on AusGamers.

In that the short version of the story is that they're now both working again after not working for quite a long time. In terms of the Files service everything is back and working as it should -- and on that note we're looking to add new stuff and features there some time in the future.

Speaking of which, the 20th anniversary of AusGamers is coming up and we have big plans for it.

But, as the saying goes -- when one thing goes so too goes, err, something else. This means that for the past couple of *gulp* years all message and feedback sent via the Contact Form has ended up somewhere in the void or a parallel universe. Meaning we haven't seen it and unless we magically begin Slidin' like Jerry O'Connell they're gone forever.

For that we apologise, humbly and on one digital knee. The team here are now actively looking at all contact requests and feedback and taking all your opinions and deals on prescription meds to heart.

END HOMEFIXV43>>CC.TRANSMISSION. Nope, too Hal 9000-y.

From lil' ol Kosta and the team, we hope you're all keeping safe.
03:19pm 26/06/20 Permalink
03:19pm 26/06/20 Permalink
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Sydney, New South Wales
8578 posts
It's worth noting too guys, we're going to shake up the forums a bit. trog, Kosta and I have been chatting about it, so now's a good time to throw in anything forum-related you want addressed (outside of feeling spammed by news and announcements from us, it's the integration there and we'll iterate on that as we move forward).

Cheers and thanks for hanging in with us, and yeah... 20 years is kinda huge, so we're gonna try and do something special with it. You're input as far as ideas here would also be welcome :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
24693 posts
It's a great community and I look forward to another 20 years. You provide a fantastic service to the Australian gaming/s***-talking community.
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