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Xbox Series X - The First Games Optimised for Microsoft’s Next-Gen...
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Overnight we got our first look at games running on Xbox Series X hardware. But before you grab your Master Chief pillow, Forza comforter, and take a sip from your Ori mug, the first batch of next-gen Xbox titles shown were all from third-parties. That said, there were plenty of surprises and impressive showings.

A taste.

Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite is an all-new lightning-fast fusion of the FPS and action genres, created by FYQD-Studio. Combine a wide variety of skills and abilities to unleash dazzling combo attacks. Bright Memory: Infinite is set in a sprawling, futuristic metropolis in the year 2036.

This is a definite cause for excitement, a game being created by a single-developer using Unreal Engine. Already seen on PC in demo format, Bright Memory previously doubled as a tech demo for NVIDIA RTX ray-tracing. With this Xbox Series X glimpse we now have our first look at AMD’s RDNA ray-tracing and a teaser at the sheer visual power devs and small studios will have at their collective fingertips. In the shadow of this year’s biggest game, Cyberpunk 2007, this futuristic aesthetic has certainly found its neon-rise and is ‘on the glow’. Which should help this release find its feet when it lands late 2020.


Ushering in the next generation of racing, DiRT 5 writes a new chapter in the legacy of DiRT – bolder and braver than ever before. New features, new innovations and a fresh approach make DiRT 5 a hub of amplified offroad racing, style and culture, where no two races are ever the same.

It wouldn’t be a next-gen reveal if we didn’t have at least one racing game. And on that front Codemasters has stepped up to the plate with DiRT 5, a racer that looks to be the most vibrant, over-the-top, and colourful entry in the series to date. Word is this will be able to take its impressive effects, car models, and lighting and push things to at least 4K 60 frames-per-second on Xbox Series X hardware. And maybe, go all the way to 120. Now, that would be something. Adding to that is the series’ authority with brands such as Red Bull, Škoda, Citroën and beyond, alongside some of the most difficult courses the rally world has to offer.

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I watched the gameplay presentation yesterday. The graphics are amazing as you would expect. Aside from increased poly count and higher resolution textures, the most obvious improvement is the lighting in the new games. It's really exciting stuff.

All of those games they showed look great too. The AAA titles like Dirt and Assassin's Creed are amazing, and that Chorus game looks very interesting. Vampire Bloodlines 2 is a no-brainer purchase and Medium is an intriguing title. Scorn has been in the works for ages. Looking forward to seeing more!
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