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Steve Farrelly
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And apparently people thought this was an April Fool's joke, but according to Polish-based Gaming Factory, the game's publisher, it definitely wasn't and is definitely coming in 2021 for PC and console. And, it's an Orwellian sci-fi business sim where in an alternate reality bipedal pigs are the dominant species and we're the meat. And yes, you read that correctly.

Here's the official swine line on the project:
Human Farm is a game about an alternate world where evolution took a slightly different path. At first glance, it looks like planet Earth, with one exception: the dominant species has pink skin, three fingers on each hand, and a snout with great business sense.

Play as a humanoid pig and manage the process of harvesting human meat. You start with a small, local slaughterhouse. Grow and improve your business with upgrades. Automate your production, develop new branches in your industry, hire more employees and create your brand’s image.

  • Know your flock - Make sure your animals have good living conditions. Keep them clean, do regular housekeeping in their cages. Avoid worst-case scenarios like Human Flu; it can kill your business.

    As a manager, be smart and cunning. You can deliver high-quality products only if your human livestock is not aware of their ultimate fate…

  • Automate the production process – Farming human meat is a very complex and monotonous process that requires constant supervision. A sterile working environment should be your priority, otherwise, your precious product will be constantly at risk of contamination. Invest in upgrades that will automate and accelerate your production process. Increase your workforce and implement new technologies.

  • Create your company’s image – Do not underestimate word of snout! The best advertising is done by satisfied customers. Increase your retail space and improve the interior design with new furniture. Each pleasant shopping experience can potentially lead to more clients and sales.

  • Grow your business – Start locally, think globally. Your goal is a large scale, industrial enterprise that ships to international markets. Invest your money to improve your assets: cold storage warehouses, shops, slaughterhouses, living areas where you grow humans, and many others.
So yeah, this is a thing and we frankly can't wait to play it. We're going to reach out to learn more, but ahead of that watch the announcement trailer embedded below. And click here to see the game's proposed development roadmap.

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Here's a comment. F*** off, no thanks.
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Yeah, this is messed up.
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