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A Perfect WFH Distraction - Fury Unleashed Review
Steve Farrelly
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While we all try and balance life at home, living on top of one another and doing Hangouts, Zooms, Lives, Slacks or Teams (among others), it can be helpful to have bite-sized gameplay options to go to to just have a break. Fury Unleashed is just such a game, and we've reviewed it in full.

Here's a snippet:
A *sort of* comic book come to life. But, not really. Rather the game’s aesthetic centres around being a kid growing up in the 80s or 90s -- obsessed *with* comics, but also guns, explosions, skeletons… Arnie. It’s the sort of game I would have made when I was 15. But there’s more thought in this than just its visual and throwback style. The progression system, while fully tapped into that of a Rogue-style game, gives it more. Equally, Fury’s ‘procedural’ design is more predictable and repetitive. You’ll re-enter worlds with level-design that are familiar; enemy placements that are familiar, but it is definitely never the same panel twice. This is where “Lite” comes into the “Rogue”. Fury Unleashed is more of a jaunt than falling down a borough, but what this does is help you think more about how you approach each re-level; do you speed through to open up the next chapter? Do you explore every panel and take out every enemy for larger rewards to tackle the next? Are you hunting Achievements? Or do you just want to shoot everything as if you were playing Contra?
Click here for our Fury Unleashed review.
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