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Looks like Chronicles of Elyria has Failed
Cairns, Queensland
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The $1.3M Kickstarter FAQ is now a typical oh s*** we ran out of money thing.

It's dead, Jim.

I had low expectations after the months rolled on but I don't think we'll see a playable version released.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Wow, had never heard about this title. If I did I would have probably kept walking. An explosion looking for a catalyst.
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Funding kickstarter is the equivalent of gambling.

Kickstarter is a joke and puts no effort into enforcing any restrictions to ensure project delivery. Part of the percent taken by kickstarter should be used to provide some sort of financial planning and support for projects over a certain amount (say >250k).

It's a joke that medical scientists need to write a 10 page document if they want 25k which is then peer reviewed but these incompetent "CEOs" get a cool mill with no oversight.


Kickstarter’s terms of service specify that backer refund requests are solely between creators and backers.

and this feature creep comment:

When we launched our Kickstarter campaign, we believed we could release a playable version of Chronicles of Elyria for $900k with limited features designed to keep the costs within that budget. We always intended to continue to develop the features of Chronicles of Elyria. We believe we clearly communicated on our Kickstarter campaign, on our website, and on our forums, that additional development was going to require additional funding.

is a huge red flag that there was no oversight.

Oh and also the fact they had SIXTEEN PEOPLE before funding was secured.

Sixteen people.
1.3 million.
For everything else, there's master card.
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