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COVID-19 Can't Stop the Internet - Microsoft's Planned GDC...
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The paradigm shift is happening all around us -- gaming news, reveals and even more are going full-stream ahead. This year's GDC has already been cancelled while we wait on official(ly expected) news that E3 has also been canned for 2020 at least. But Microsoft has a workaround for their planned GDC content via their own streaming platform in Mixer, and will be kicking off with it next week.

Specifically, March 17-18:
Join us on Mixer March 17-18 where we'll be livestreaming content that we planned to share at this year's Game Developers Conference. Starting at 10:00 am PT on the 17th, come learn about the latest cloud and game development technologies from Microsoft, go behind the scenes with the creators at Xbox Game Studios and the ID@Xbox program, and level up with deep technical talks and panel discussions led by industry leaders.
Here's the runsheet:
    Day 1
  • 10:00 Welcome to Game Stack Live!​
  • 10:25 How The Coalition built Gears 5 to be more accessible
  • 10:45 Building accessibility into your game - the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines
  • 11:00 Panel: The changing nature of today’s game industry
  • 11:35 Panel: How to be intentionally inclusive in your game design
  • 12:15 What is Microsoft Game Stack?
  • 12:30 The Importance of LiveOps
  • 1:00 Rare: Building Sea of Thieves with a LiveOps Mentality
  • 1:35 What it means to run a game studio – a conversation with Turn 10
  • 2:00 Maximizing impact and reach for your independent games with the ID@Xbox team

    Day 2
  • 10:00 Previously on Game Stack Live 10:15 How inXile used creative iteration to drive Wasteland's development
  • 10:40 Panel: How online services are defining the next generation of game development
  • 11:40 Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming
  • 12:40 The spark of creativity that drives Double Fine
  • 1:20 What’s new in DirectX: Raytracing, mesh shading, and more
Click here to lock it in and expect this to become the industry norm moving forward. Which terrifies me.

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