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Inside the Warframe Vault - Our Guide to Oberon Prime and Nekros Prime
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Out of retirement and back patrolling the space streets, we take an updated look at Oberon Prime and Nekros Prime - with our resident Waframe expert Adrian Haas.

Our in-depth guide goes through what builds make both still viable to play today.

The Prime Vault is the means by which Prime Frames and weapons that have been 'retired' and thus made unobtainable from Void Relics, are once again reintroduced into the game for a limited time. These (along with some tasty Prime cosmetics) can be purchased directly from the Warframe website or farmed in-game. The Relics containing the freshly unvaulted parts can be found in the Void, as well as Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis bounties, the latter two being preferable as you can earn extra relics for completing the bonus objectives.

Unfortunately Oberon and Nekros haven't received a lot of love since their initial release in terms of updates, and as such their most useful builds rely heavily on Augment mods, and focus on the use of only one or two of their abilities. That said both Frames can still be turned into nigh-unkillable tanks with the help of Phoenix Renewal and Umbral mods for Oberon, and a high Strength Shadows Of The Dead modded Nekros.

Click Here to Read Our Full Guide to Oberon Prime and Nekros Prime
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