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Dodged an Evolve Bullet, Disney Did
Steve Farrelly
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And that will come across as a harsh headline, but it recently came to light that an Aliens game in the design shadow of the heavily failed Evolve was canned. (Which isn't to say Evolve couldn't have succeeded and planted itself as a benchmark for asymmetrical multiplayer shooters, but I digress.) At any rate, after Disney's FOX buyout, it turns out a PVE MP Aliens game was in the pipeline but, really, would it have worked?

The reason for the seemingly negative reporting on this finding? Well, it comes from a bit of Twitter twitterage that sounds sourgrapes-ish, but equally lands where it needs to - big company with bigger plans comes in, decides to axe projects it has no faith in, pulls out of them.

We're all for smaller-mid-and-even-large studios tackling IPs, and we don't want any devs losing work - make no mistake - but we're at the mercy of, in an industry as rich as ours, richer controlling bodies doing what they do. The model they're proposing is still unproven and we've seen it die on distant hills already.

I'm as weary of conglomerates as the rest of you, but sometimes the bottom line in those spaces is just that. I'd take another Isolation over a cancelled PvE Aliens: Hadley's Hope any day of the week. At least I'd know what I was getting...

06:29pm 20/02/20 Permalink
06:29pm 20/02/20 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
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Alien Isolation was awesome and I'm super sad that we haven't got a sequel nor a game similar in style since its release. Truly terrifying that game was. I still haven't finished it :S
05:25am 21/02/20 Permalink
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Get into it Fpot. Smack those androids and burn those xenos.

Another Isolation like game would be great but I wouldn't mind having a look at that Hadley's Hope game if it ever came out but I think it would probably work better if it was like Isolation.
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