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It's a Knockout, that's the Name, it's a Knockout, th...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Sydney, New South Wales
8463 posts
And the team at Mediatonic knows what they might have tapped into here. For the young 'uns, in the late 80s there was a show (we stole from the UK, likely stolen elsewhere as well) called It's a Knockout!, and this game takes that concept through to the modern age...

But that concept also still exists whether it's forced pranks like those from Jackass or Takeshi's Castle through to, well... YouTube (vomit). At any rate, their upcoming game Fall Guys embraces party games on a whole new level, while also servicing a broader online community than other party games. Here's the stinger:
The chronically unstable team of Mediatonic and Devolver Digital invite bumbling fans around the world to the launch of the official Fall Guys website! To celebrate, the first episode of Behind The Stumbles, a new video series following Fall Guys’ development, is now available, with further instalments toppling online monthly.

But that’s not all! In desperate need of free labour, Mediatonic is delighted to announce the ‘Make a Fall Guy’ contest; a monthly opportunity for members of their beloved community to flex their creativity and design their very own Fall Guys! If online design contests have taught us anything, it’s that the video games community has impeccable taste.

The best entries will be flaunted on social media, with one lucky winner each month having their original Fall Guy added to the game. FOREVER. So maybe take a beat and come up with something truly inspired.

Gamers can enter via the official Fall Guys website
.While our supplied link to the Aussie "It's a Knockout! exists within the OP, please find embedded below a video of the new game.

06:02pm 18/02/20 Permalink
06:02pm 18/02/20 Permalink
3028 posts
I remember watching Its a knockout vaguely when I was young. I liked it. Takeshi's castle is a thing which needs to be remade, Same goes for Iron Chef (original Japanese one not the crap american one).
10:02am 26/02/20 Permalink
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
21552 posts
I went to a filming of its a knockout, was great TV show!
11:34am 27/02/20 Permalink
Ballarat, Victoria
4474 posts
Nah Steve you’re just simply wrong again buddy.

nothing is as good as Ninja Theory’s Kung Fu Chaos

Troggles really needs to revoke your news headline positing dominance and give Kosta another crack at it.
06:50pm 27/02/20 Permalink
06:50pm 27/02/20 Permalink
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