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Xtrfy M4 Gaming Mouse Review - Oh Yeah, Speed Holes
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In realm of the ultra-lightweight gaming mouse the honeycomb design is one that has led to hardware makers being able to keep the weight down to an absolute minimum. The Xtrfy M4 follows this approach but does so in a robust, sturdy, and excellent build that feels great for competitive gaming.

When it comes to gaming mice designed for use in the competitive esports scene we’re currently in a bit of a hardware space race. With the goal being to get weight down to an absolute minimum without sacrificing performance and overall feel. The Xtrfy M4 RGB falls into this new ultra-lightweight category of gaming mice that we’ve seen crop up lately, and it does so via that age-old Simpsons way to obtain a competitive edge – speed holes.

Which, in the case of the M4, is a honeycomb like look that results in less material required to create the shell. And less material, well, that leads to less weight. From Swedish company Xtrfy, a team comprised of people passionate about esports, the M4 RGB also manages to excel in areas unrelated to the shedding of excess grams. From its excellent Pixart sensor to the flexi-cable that reduces drag to the ergonomic and very-unique shape of its build – the Xtrfy M4 is a great choice for those looking for a competitive edge.

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