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The final part of our big Diablo IV interview with Game Director Luis Barriga. Here we compare the game to Diablo III, talk Legendary Items (i.e. loot), and the current state of development. As in, is what we see here indicative of the final game.

A snippet.
It’s here where we can see Diablo III’s loot philosophy carry over but also see how it will evolve and change to suit Diablo IV’s design. Legendary Items will not simply focus on class-specific skills like most items with affixes in Diablo III, there’s a sense of diversity driving the design. The Stone of Jordan in Diablo IV adds Skill Points to all abilities and the design team is actively looking to avoid creating pre-defined builds or ways to play – leave those decisions up to the player.

Perhaps the biggest difference compared to loot in Diablo III, is how the game will treat Set Items. By ensuring they’re not the be all end all.

“We feel like with Diablo III it got to a place where you couldn't really play your build, your way,” Luis admits. “It was basically, you're going to pick one of these four sets and that's it. We're making sure that sets don't dominate in Diablo IV.” To accomplish this the team has a simple solution, make sure Legendary Items are the more powerful option. And with hundreds being designed and refined and added into the game, create true diversity that fosters player creativity and deciding how you might want to play.

Click Here for The Final Part of Our Big Diablo IV Interview
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