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New Monitor Help / Recommendations
The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
2080 posts
Hey guys, looking to get a new monitor around the $1000 ish price range. I upgraded my computer a bit over a year ago and it seems silly to have a pretty decent rig, but have it running with an old monitor.

Only started researching 15min ago, but i think 144hz and g-sync would be a must these days for a beefy monitor right? The next factor would be curved also, but being an old school Quake III player, low ms repsonse rate was a factor.

All these nice curved 144hz seemed to be 4ms. How much is a factor is response time these days? as i take there would be alot of first person shooters here from the old days.

Any other factors when buying a new monitor? Any help welcome :)
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New South Wales
133 posts
size, res, aspect ratio. x34p are quite popular. new lg ultragears boast 1ms response time but are more expensive.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
154 posts
Depends what hardware will be powering it. If you have at least a gtx1080 then I wouldn't be looking at anything less then 1440p res, 120-144hz and G-sync.

Response times are all pretty good these days. Around 4ms is pretty standard and perfectly fine. Unless you want to be some pro MLG player then you'd want to be using the fastest 1ms and small 24in monitor to be at your most competitive anyway. However most people don't need that and prefer a balance between response time and visuals/immersivness across a wide variety of games.

I went from a 24in 1080p 120hz 2ms monitor to a Acer X34P curved ultrawide 1440p 120hz 4ms and it was the best upgrade iv'e done by far. The combination of still being responsive enough for multiplayer FPS games but also being visually immersive for both FPS and RPGs is amazing and I don't see myself ever going back to a smaller screen.

I purchased my X34P when they first released and payed the early adopter premium to do so. They now go on sale for less then $950 during ebay sales and at that price I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one. They use the same panel as the Alienware aw3418dw. These panels are known to be somewhat of a lottery so best to know the return policy of the place you buy from. Although this is always abit of a risk buying a high spec gaming monitor online no matter the brand.
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Melbourne, Victoria
9662 posts
I bought an Acer Predator or GSync but TBH I think it's just a proprietary feature that adds a couple of hundred bucks when FreeSync does the same and is part of the HDMI2.0b standard.
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