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Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition Review - A Competitive Edge
Melbourne, Victoria
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Of course there's no single peripheral out there that can take a rather average player into the realm of esports competitive superstar, but they can still give you an edge in your everyday gaming. Case in point the low 1mm actuation point of the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition. Which had Nathan Lawrence go all Zen and unlearn and re-learn the learnings and ways of the FPS.

And actually improve his game. Of which, like a baggy pants wearing dancer from the '90s, he already had a considerable amount of. Game, that is.
The TE is a game-changer in this regard. More often than not, I was able to slide or dive to safety in both Battlefield V and Modern Warfare. It made me c***ier with A-D-A-D dancing in gunfights, and even led to some heinously disrespectful plays where I closed the gap on firing enemies for front-on melee kills.

If you can adapt to it, the TE pays off dividends.

Click Here to Read Our Full Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition Review
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Complete no buy for me because numpad+ and numpad/ are my go to quicksave and quickload buttons ever since I first played Deus Ex :P
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