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The Sims 4 "Discover University" Expansion is Coming this ...
Steve Farrelly
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And apparently it's one of the "most requested" additions to The Sims' universe. Which is kind of weird, but then kind of not, when you consider how many Sims players just torture their Sims or try to make them do dumb stuff. Which, if you think about it (and remember every movie you've seen with Frat Houses), is kind of like campus frat house initiations.

My own personal exposure to fraternities and American College in general suggests this expansion will see some pretty funny outcomes. A Bender or general robot-like skin for your Sims would go a long way to making this a bit of a viral video sensation, methinks. But maybe I'm just hazing...

Anywhoo. Here's EA's official line on the new expansion.
The highly anticipated expansion pack introduces a new chapter for Sims where they can enroll in their dream school and take classes in engineering, education or law, decorate their dorm room to feel like home, dabble in extracurricular activities and make everlasting memories with new friends.
“Easily the most requested piece of content by our players, we’re excited to reveal The Sims 4 Discover University and can’t wait for everyone to make the world of Britechester their classroom. Players can have their Sims live out whatever college experience they choose and create unique memories during an opportunistic chapter of their lives,” said Michael Duke, Senior Producer of The Sims 4. “They can enroll in classes that pique their interest, whether that is biology, computer science, art history or even villainy! Players could set up their Sims for success and join a study group with friends or hit the snooze button and miss their morning lecture. They can also enjoy extracurricular activities such as joining college organisations and attending school spirit events.”
The Sims 4 Discover University introduces the brand-new world of Britechester and two unique schools for Sims to pursue their higher education: the historical University of Britechester for arts and humanities majors, and the modern Foxbury Institute for careers in science and technology fields. Both campuses offer a variety of new experiences that ultimately prepare Sims for the real world with new career tracks in teaching, law and engineering, and help them excel in existing career paths. Players can choose how Sims embrace college life, how often they attend class and study hard to keep their grades up or choose to skip class to hang out with friends instead.
A full trailer detailing all of the above can be viewed here. And hopefully for the nerdy Sims you create, there's also room for a Wallet Inspector should they be expelled.

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