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NBN introducing 250mbps and 1Gbps plans
Cairns, Queensland
16960 posts

A new 1Gbps plan with 20Mbps upload speeds, compared to 40Mbps in existing plans, will be priced at $58 – down 11 per cent.

Obviously if you're on Malcolm and Tony's poor man's NBN (despite paying the same taxes as everyone else!) you need not apply. Your service is already obsolete.

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Other International
1003 posts
Ah man. Never gonna get such sweet internet. Good news for the rest of you folks.

But will the network be able to handle such speeds?
02:48pm 17/09/19 Permalink
AGN Admin
Other International
39827 posts
*pats trusty 14mbit connection living 2km from capital city CBD*
06:51pm 17/09/19 Permalink
Ballarat, Victoria
4458 posts
you would have to think that the networks could easily handle that increase cap. 100GB/s top-of-rack fibre and ethernett gear is probably almost becoming obsolete
12:46am 18/09/19 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
466 posts
I've been living the FTTP dream for the last 3 years or so, can't wait to try the 1000/50 plan!!
02:37pm 18/09/19 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
9659 posts
Yeah, but they're dropping the upstream speeds.

I would have to go from 100/40 to 250/25.
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