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Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse Review - The Classic Returns... Again
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Last year we got the surprise release of the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, which brought back that mouse that we all remember seeing and using in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Which at the time would have been referred to as a great "laser mouse". This year, we've got the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse - which as the name suggests is meant for professionals. Translation - it's good for gaming.

Thanks to it's upgraded, and high-performance, sensor.
Going Pro for the IntelliMouse’s return is mostly limited to the new PixArt sensor which offers up support of up to 16,000 DPI – a sizable increase of the Classic’s 3200.

Everything else though remains, unfortunately unchanged. Fixe buttons, with only three being programmable, and the inability to mess with DPI settings or profiles without the accompanying software. So, although the Pro here definitely includes gaming – if you’re of the sort that does setup macros or likes to adjust weight then you’ll probably look elsewhere. That said Microsoft’s Mouse and Keyboard Center software takes up virtually no memory at all and keeps all the basic functionality and settings you need onto a single page.

Click Here to Read Our Full Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse Review
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