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Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset Review - When Comfort is King
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Okay, so besides cool touches and features like being able to swap cables and the included USB-DAC for device versatility, detaching the microphone, or swapping out the ear cushions, or the very nice carry-case - the new Logitech G PRO X stands out mainly due to that one thing we always look for in a gaming headset. Comfort. Supreme comfort.

A snippet from our full review.
Just in case the introduction to this review didn’t spell it out, the Logitech G PRO X gaming headset is one of the most comfortable we’ve ever experienced. With a durable aluminium and steel frame and high-quality ear cushions and headband it also lives up to its premium ambition in terms of looks - another part of the headset or headphone equation that people look at. As something that sits on your head for hours, odds are you’d want it to look - if not stylish – then at least subtle or not overly garish. The Logitech G PRO X is stylish, thanks to the brushed metallic panel on each ear that bears the Logitech G logo, but it’s also one of the most restrained designs from the company to date.

The shape of the ear cups continues the Logitech almost-rectangular style we’ve been seeing for years, but again – in a closed form and design that is supremely comfortable. Even though the 320 g weight is notably heavier than the X-free version of the headset released earlier in the year, you wouldn’t know it from use. This is Comfort City.

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