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Kerbal Space Program 2 Unveiled by Star Theory Games and Private Div...
Steve Farrelly
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The Gamescom news keeps on pouring in as the show goes on, and overnight it was revealed that Outer Worlds publisher, Private Division, would be teaming up with developer Star Theory Games for a sequel to the popular space sim, Kerbal Space Program, aptly titled Kerbal Space Program 2.

The game will also be rocking consoles as well as PC with both PS4 and Xbox One in line for respective library addition. Having not played the first one, I'll let the press release do the authoritative talking:
Kerbal Space Program 2 offers a multitude of ways for players to further their space adventures with a robust offering of new planets to explore, new technologies to traverse the stars, and the ability to establish colonies, all rooted in real-world science. Players will be able to build without the constraints of planetary gravitation for the first time, which allows for larger constructions and more complex creations than ever before – including interstellar vessels. In addition, players will be able to share these experiences collectively in multiplayer for the first time in franchise history.

Kerbal Space Program 2 will also introduce a host of new of improvements including updated planets and parts, additional modding support, and an improved tutorial experience to help get new players off the ground. On one hand, these changes will offer newcomers help up the curve for what is learning literal rocket science, while on the other, keeping the challenge bar high for veteran players.

“KSP has always been about pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity, and with Kerbal Space Program 2 we take that premise even further,” said Nate Simpson, Creative Director at Star Theory. “We are introducing several new ways for players to challenge themselves, including new physics puzzles to solve, new planetary destinations to conquer, and new ways to advance their own deep-space program. This continues to be a game about exploration, imagination, and understanding rocket physics – with plenty of wild crashes along the way.”

“With Star Theory, we are able to build a new gameplay foundation that is exponentially larger and allows us to explore well beyond the solar system of the original game. This is an exciting time as we are expanding the Kerbal franchise while staying true to the spirit of KSP and what makes the franchise so special,” said Michael Cook, Executive Producer at Private Division. “Kerbal Space Program 2 sparks a passion for a whole new generation of space explorers, future astronauts, and astronomers – which is the reason why we love what we are making here.”
The game will be out in "Spring 2020", but we'll likely see much more of it before then, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, watch the Gamescom trailer embedded below.

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AGN Admin
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Really an awesome trailer. I only played KSP a little but have wanted to get back into it for ages, but might wait for this.
01:34pm 21/08/19 Permalink
Ballarat, Victoria
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yeah when i saw it yesterday it really left me speechless

one of the best game trailers i've seen, and i've been reading Bluenews since '96
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