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Latest Research into Gaming in Australia, Provided by the Important ...
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The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, or "IGEA" as it is commonly referred, has released its latest findings from research conducted across "1,210 Australian households and 3,228 individuals", thanks to Bond University. The findings paint a digitally rich picture of how games are played, consumed and held within Australian society, suggesting that some "two-thirds of Australians play video games and 91 per cent of households own a video game device", among much more revelatory information.

We've reached out to speak with someone from the IGEA to dissect, in detail, the report's already in-depth findings. Which we'll expand upon later this week, but as a snapshot here's some initial takeaways:
  • The average age of gamers in Australia is still 34.
  • Almost half of that number is female.
  • 42% of those involved in the study over the age of 65 identified as "gamers".
  • Less than a quarter videgame players are under the age of 18, based on the study.
“Australians still play video games for fun, but this isn’t the only reason. Games are increasingly appreciated for their diverse applications – people play to educate and upskill themselves, to stay socially and emotionally connected, as a motivator to stay fit, and to reduce stress.”
Overall, the study, which has been taking place in Australia since 2005, is one of the most extensive in the world with Australians also proving to be one of the largest engagement and spending audiences where gaming is concerned, per capita.

We'll have more on the study later this week, but until then, soak this excellent information in.
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