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SMACH Z is the Handheld PC You Never Knew You Needed
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Sydney, New South Wales
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Taken quite by surprise, across our [digital] desk this morning, we were briefed on an upcoming handheld 'console' PC. Sound confusing? It sort of is, but based on a number of videos shared with us from the SMACH Z handheld's presence at E3, we're pretty bummed we (or at least I) didn't know about the platform beforehand to get our (my) own mits on it.

So what's a SMACH Z?

It's a handheld device sporting an AMD Ryzen Embedded V1605B SoC with AMD Radeon Vega 8-powered visuals. It allegedly has an operating time of between two and seven hours (presumably based on what applications you're running, or how many at once), and can have Windows or Linux installed as its OS. It also features a front-facing camera to be utilised like a laptop or desktop webcam and can also be used with a mouse and keyboard. The screen is a 6" high-definition touchscreen. So yeah, it's essentially a handheld PC, and we want one.

The device is available now for pre-order, and comes in three options: Base (AUD$999.00) -- 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, no camera. Pro (AUD$1399.00) -- 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage and a 5MP camera. Ultra (AUD$1799.00) -- 16GB RAM, 256GB Storage and a 5MP camera.

"The visitors seemed very interested in our console," said Daniel Fernandez, CEO of SMACH Z via press release. "We did not expect so many people to visit us and to get enthusiastic about the SMACH Z. We saw a positive effect also in terms of reservations: the number of people in the waiting list are increasing day by day.

Learn more about the device right here, and watch a video the team put together of the SMACH Z at E3 2019.

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AGN Admin
Other International
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Intrigued although the price point is wayyy too high for me for now. For half the price I'd be pretty tempted as a way to play a bunch of old PC platformer-type games I never bothered playing, maybe even things like the Batman Arkham series might fun on it again.
04:26pm 21/06/19 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Doesn't look anything like a hand held PC and everything like a Nintendo switch competitor that can access your PC game library? Accessing your library is the only cool thing, the rest is just a massive meh of apathy from me. The form factor is great, the controls are s***.
05:54pm 21/06/19 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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The prices are ridiculous! For $1799, I rather buy a Switch and spend the rest upgrading my PC.
10:33am 22/06/19 Permalink
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It looks interesting but not 1000-1800 dollars interesting. There are other handheld PC things out there like the GPD XD, not as powerful though but a lot cheaper.

I imagine why it's so expensive is because they are not taking a loss on the hardware like Microsoft and Sony do with their consoles. I bet they are not making these in huge quantities so they don't get discount price from the manufacturers and parts wholesalers.
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