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Close to the Sun is a new first-person horror adventure (exclusive to the Epic Games Store) that takes place on a giant 'big as a city' ship called the Helios. Set during the closing stages of the 19th century, the large sea vessel serves as a monument to the great inventor Nikola Tesla who plays a major role in the intriguing story and 'what happened' mystery told.

And yeah, the visuals definitely have a BioShock-y vibe.

Prior to the release of Italian indie studio Storm in a Teacup’s new first-person exploration horror Close to the Sun, the developers were quick to point out that the game was not BioShock with Nikola Tesla in the role of megalomaniac Andrew Ryan. Firstly, there are no weapons to be found, nor what one might consider traditional first-person shooter combat mechanics.

That said, the on-the-water location of massive automated vessel Helios with its huge opulent art-deco design and varying sections that all add up to a singular Nikola Tesla powered society is very BioShock-y. And truth be told, one of the main reasons we were drawn to it in the first place. It nails the look. That, and we can’t get enough of seeing some of Tesla’s more outlandish designs brought to life.

Click Here to Read Our Full Close to the Sun Review
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Thought Tesla had finally released a flying car >:(
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That's next year, f***pot.
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