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Why Wasn't Minecraft a Game Pass Game Already? Minecraft Arrive...
Steve Farrelly
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And yeah, that was a genuine question I composed to my cohort, Kosta. I mean, Microsoft basically paid Notch a quadzillion dollars, stretched the game to other competing platforms, work on it tirelessly, stole my son from me, and it's one of its (if not the) biggest franchises.

Exasperation aside, turns out it was never on Game Pass, but it will be soon, which is good news for me, because now I don't have to keep being logged off the central Xbox One when my son goes to his room to play the game. I mean, I almost nailed that last Trials Rising course, Lanik. Why do you do this to me?

Here's what Microsoft had to say:
Excitement is building! Soon, Xbox Game Pass members will be able to build, create, and explore infinite worlds with Minecraft.

Beginning April 4, Xbox Game Pass members can join the Minecraft community of millions of players from around the world. Discover limitless ways to play and create anything you can imagine. Try to survive the night alone or share your adventure with friends in both split-screen or online multiplayer*. Build anything you can think of, explore your own unique overworld, discover mobs (both creepy and cute!) and play your Minecraft adventure your way!

Since its launch in 2009, the Minecraft community has remained one of the most active and passionate in gaming, attracting over 91 million players of all ages from virtually every country in the world. Those joining through Xbox Game Pass will enter a vibrant, global community that plays across 20 unique platforms like Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and mobile. Xbox Game Pass players will also gain access to an ever-expanding array of content for purchase via the in-game Minecraft Marketplace, which contains over 1,000 pieces of content from 60 distinct creators.

Plus, with Minecraft´s free content updates, you´ll always find new environments to explore, tools to create, and mobs to meet. Last summer, the Update Aquatic filled Minecraft´s oceans with new items, blocks, and mobs like Turtles and Dolphins, and the upcoming Village & Pillage update will expand the game even further later this spring. There´s no better time to bring Minecraft to Xbox Game Pass!
Microsoft also reminds us that you can get your first Game Pass month on Xbox One for just USD$1 (so $50,000000 AUD). But seriously, it is a good service -- affordable and with an ever-growing, massive library. And if you have NBN you'll have games way more quickly than the rest of us waiting, still struggling with Inner City ADSL.

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