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Sounds of Eden - Behind the Music of Mutant Year Zero
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Developed by independent Swedish studio The Bearded Ladies, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden features a distinct soundtrack to match its impressive look. A post-apocalyptic style that blends the familiar with the sci-fi and the fantastical. A world where pig-men and talking ducks converse with humans in a makeshift city called The Ark - a home base of sorts that also serves as one of the last places that survivors can call home, in a dangerous world full of threats.

We chat to the composer behind one of the surprise gems from 2018 -- Robert Lundgren.
“It sort-of evolved, as time went on, towards featuring a much more synth-based sound,” Robert Lundgren, composer for the post-apocalyptic Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden explains when asked about the stark, warm, and analogue synth sounds featured in the soundtrack. A blend of styles that draws on several eras, most notably with the synth-heavy music of the 1980s and the modern-day genre known as synthwave. “In the end, whenever I brought in more synths into a theme, the team would say ‘Oh, that's good, more synths. More like that’.”

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