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Genesis Alpha One is one of those pleasant surprises, where the concept of a fast-paced FPS where you get to build your own spaceship and explore the galaxy in search of a home for humanity lives up to its promise. Thanks to its fast movement, combat, and quick progression think of it like No Man's Sky the classic SEGA Arcade game.

From our review.
In your search for a new planet to colonise you’ll need to mine planet or ‘beam in’ resources, expand your ship with new production abilities and upgrades, and learn new technology from weaponry right down to ‘How to Clone Humanoid Arachnids 101’. Whether it’s using a tractor beam to collect scrap iron from some space debris or landing on a planet to mine some Uranium, it’s all carried out in a way that is fast and fluid. And not only in terms of physical movement. There’s a constant flow of action too, in the form of alien bugs of all sizes and bipedal threats both human and ‘strange new alien’.

Planetary expeditions are broken up via regular ‘alien lifeform detected’ moments, as is using the tractor beam to collect a few pieces of Space Iron.

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