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Long time no see!
Brisbane, Queensland
1153 posts
Hello you lot

I woke up this morning and was thinking about some old stuff like the Bunker, QGL events etc and realised I hadn't visited here for a while.

I jumped on YouTube and looked at an old TBGL vid (still think our video guy Merlock (?) was a genius hehe)

Dunno if any of my old friends still around but thought I'd say hi :)

Sigh, I miss the old LAN's hehe

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Brisbane, Queensland
12293 posts
Hi Aga! Are you playing any games lately? I'm just giving StarCraft: Remastered and old Nintendo stuff a go occasionally.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4314 posts
G'day Chris ;)
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Brisbane, Queensland
1154 posts
Hi Elih, hru mate?
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Other International
959 posts
Hi Aga! Are you playing any games lately? I'm just giving StarCraft: Remastered and old Nintendo stuff a go occasionally.

Can you get on battle.net with the remastered game?
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Brisbane, Queensland
12294 posts
Yes, it's on Battle.net with the Blizzard Launcher. I've found I can always get a few games playing at night on The Americas server, but sometimes I settle for custom games instead of 1v1 on Fighting Spirit or 3v3 on The Hunters / Big Game Hunters. They are fun though!
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Brisbane, Queensland
6365 posts
Ah, the good ol days...the QGL Lans were a thing of beauty. 300+ geeks all crammed into a building talking trash and playing games, putting s*** on each other. good times indeed. Jim yelling out 'Who's f***** copying!" Obes being Obes, Trog wearing his bandanna and a f***ton of other guys, some I can't remember now just having a great time. Hitman, Deahtontwolegs,Twistie, STrex, my ol Regen clan mates etc..

"Tell the kids today and they won't believe you!"
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Brisbane, Queensland
1155 posts
Hi dais, mate no star craft et al, been playing Pokémon (hah) because it's a good excuse to walk

Was thinking about trying wow?

Hi psycho :)
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Cairns, Queensland
16902 posts
wtf how are you not dead of giantism yet
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Brisbane, Queensland
1156 posts
Haha hi hoggie

Actually I'm still playing basketball twice a week and walking up to 50klm a week and pretending to go to the gym :)

How you going mate?
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Brisbane, Queensland
21580 posts
Who dis?
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AusGamers Editor
Brisbane, Queensland
14890 posts
New pie who dis
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