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Hollywood Invades Gaming - Resident Evil 2 Remake Review
Steve Farrelly
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Remember to always practice the three Rs: Running, running and running. Away from zombies, that is. Resident Evil 2 Remake is out this week and while it comes with an impressive from-the-ground-up rebuild of the original, does it fit with the modern gaming? We explore just that in our full review.

Here's snippet:
Out of the gate, Resident Evil 2 is gorgeous. Almost too gorgeous. I actually felt like it was a bit too shiny early on, and what 4K HDR does to the game is highlight the antithesis of “gorgeous”. The blood, guts and overall gore and horror are on show here for the first real time in a Resident Evil game. That first neck fillet you see a zombie butcher off an NPC, and eventually yourself, is in the realms of “wow, is this now too real?”. But this sells the dramatic situation you’re in. This is a zombie f*****g apocalypse, it’s not going to be nice for anyone, let alone your wallflowererd, snowflake sensibilities -- get on with it, Leon. There’s work to do.
Click here for our Resident Evil 2 Remake review.
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