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Razer Phone 2 Review - Fast, Powerful, Mobile Gaming
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The idea of a smartphone designed for high-end gaming is beginning to crop up more and more these, but compared say to a desktop PC built for the same purpose - the difference is night and day. Not simply in the available power and overall size of each device but also when it comes to other usage.

For a smartphone that means everyday app use across both text and media -- which thankfully plays into the Razer Phone 2's excellent 120 Hz display.
One of the main drawcards for the new Razer Phone 2 no doubt is its 120Hz display, where alongside the increased brightness over last year’s model also delivers a high-quality HDR image across various lighting conditions. A feature that comes into play mainly in photos and videos, as opposed to gaming. As an LCD panel the contrast can lead so some noticeable washed out blacks compared to an AMOLED display, but this quickly fades into the background thanks to the overall performance. Performance that makes ample use of the increased refresh rate.

Across Razer’s own suite of apps, and regular everyday ones that we all use, the power and performance of the Razer Phone 2 results in perhaps the smoothest day-to-day smartphone experience we’ve ever encountered.

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