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Desktop PC/Gaming Monitor Questions
Brisbane, Queensland
153 posts
Very appreciative of all your assistance regarding my pc build, i'm now at the stage where i'm looking to upgrade my monitor. I picked up a Strix gtx1080 not long after my build, so coupled with my R7 2700x/16gb ram, my only real bottleneck now is the screen.

I'm still using my Samsung SyncMaster P2770HD that I bought maybe 7-8 years ago, just a plain old 27" 1080p 60hz monitor.

I'm quite happy to keep gaming in the 27" screen size, however, i'm confused as to whether I go with a 144hz monitor (240hz is complete overkill, I know my card wouldn't support many games unless I play on potato mode) or 1440p res... both is an option but unfortunately out of my budget.. Looking at spending $400 max unless waiting is the best thing to do to increase my budget or wait for a new model to release.

What monitors are you all using or have any recommendations as to what particular brand you'd go with? I've been looking at AOC and they seem to be alright, as well as a couple LG models.

I play mostly modern FPS games with the old throwback to something in my steam library

cheers fellas
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New South Wales
128 posts
I would recommend ips/gsync/1440p/high hz like AOC AG271QG, other brands have models with similar specs and you already have a gfx card capable of making use of the features. you are likely to be using the monitor for a long time so I would be getting something that will satisfy, don't want to spend the next 8 years staring at a model you regret buying instead of the one you wanted. however you can save money by looking for specials like 20% off retail or buying 2nd hand.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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I agree with bLaZe. A monitor upgrade is a long term investment. You've been using your current monitor for 7+ years and you'll probably want similar usage out of your new monitor. So with that in mind I recommend waiting and stretching your budget to incorporate; 1. G-Sync 2. 1440p 3. IPS or VA panel 4. 100hz+

Any of these are good options
LG 32GK850G-B
Viewsonic XG2703-GS
Acer XB271HU
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Brisbane, Queensland
154 posts
Great advice Blaze and Murf, thanks fellas
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Brisbane, Queensland
6638 posts

yeah i had my dell 27" for over 10years just upgraded about 8months ago to Alienware 34" 120hz G-sync, 1440p and its unreal!!

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G-sync wont be that big of a deal soon as Nvidia are going to support adaptive sync aka FreeSync through a driver update. It will automatically be enabled for supported monitors (those they have tested on) but can also be enable through the settings for non-supported monitors. Best to at least get a supported monitor though.


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