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A Drachmae for your Thoughts? Assassin's Creed Odyssey | Review
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Sydney, New South Wales
7825 posts
We've been talking about Assassin's Creed Odyssey for most of the year, but now we've played the final product and while it doesn't favour us in one area, the bulk of content on display is truly something to be marvelled at.

And that area is in high difficulty-level combat. It's fixable and I'm the only silly person I know who plays games this way any more, but I do hope they address it. Everything else, however, is gravy Greek dressing. Here's an excerpt:
With Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, we get no such high and mightiness with our characters. They’re uncouth and rough. They demand a certain type of respect, even while you’re managing their incredible lines of dialogue and shaping them into the characters you want them to be. Team Quebec has lifted the narrative game tenfold here, which is no mean feat in the wake of Origins, and I’m leaning towards Kassandra as now my favourite character in the series. The choices you make in dialogue options feel like they have weight in much the same way those of The Witcher 3 did, only here you’re building out more of a personal reputation within the game-world, as opposed to playing through an already-established one.

It’s massive, too. Origins was big, but Odyssey is larger in both scale and content as well as in its visual mastery (it looks incredible on my Samsung 65” Curved QLED Q8C). The Mercenaries metagame alone can have you leaving the story path for ages, chasing a different type of glory...
Click here for our full Assassin's Creed Odyssey review.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I've been LOVING this game. I love the setting. I looks f*****g fantastic. Ship stuff is good, exploring is fun. Great game.

I want to talk very briefly about a quest I just did. It's a SIDE quest, so it contains zero spoilers for the main quest....but if you do want to play yourself then just ignore it.

Guy in a cage, ranting about a prophecy, he says his parents are in danger and they need a sword and shield to defend themselves from him. The parents thinks he's loopy (there's more setup but that's the basics).

So yeah, whatever, start with the sword. "I sold it to the blacksmith" he says.
So I got to the blacksmith and he's like "I have it, but I can't just give it to you". I decide to f*** him" and he's like "My spear is broken, go get me these herbs to help me fix my "spear". I'm like, OK sure, fight a few bears, get the herbs. We f***, I get the sword.

Go back to the guy and he's like, bandits stole my shield. Go get it from them!.
I go and because I'm badass I kill the bandits with the shield, the bandit leader is a woman who has it (she dies - byeee!)

I go back to the guy and give him the sword and shield everyone is happy (YAY)! They ask me some questions about what happened, so I explain that I "f***ed the blacksmith and killed the bandit leader". THEN the kids parents who were there say, "Holy s***, he's adopted you just f***ed his father and killed his mother".

The kid is like "Holy s***, the propehcy said my father would be screaming in agony, and I'm like "he was screaming, just not in agony" the kid then runs screaming.

Quest over.

HAHAHA, f*****g gold
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Zapo! I completed that quest recently too, definitely the side stories and sailing and just exploring are amazing in this game and my favourite bits so far.
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