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Melbourne, Victoria
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Which is to be expected for a card that in addition to the new ray-tracing stuff has been designed for high-end 4K gaming on PC. With the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Founders Editions now out in the wild reviews have begun popping up across several trusted hardware sites. Which we've compiled for you here.

Tech Power Up
"NVIDIA has once more made significant improvements in power efficiency with their Turing architecture, which has roughly 10-15% better performance per Watt compared to Pascal. Compared to AMD, NVIDIA is now almost twice as power efficient, and twice as fast, at the same time."

Adding that the only bottleneck with the 2080 Ti is the power consumption, with card sitting at peak power for the duration of gaming. In terms of tests Assassin's Creed Odyssey at 4K saw a 37.2% increase in performance over the 1080 Ti, and Battlefield 1 a similar 35.7% increase in performance at 4K.


Tweak Town
"The RTX 2080 Ti absolutely owns all resolutions and games, and is now the fastest graphics card you can buy. All the hype was worth it for a 30-50% increase in 4K performance over not just the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, but the TITAN Xp which was worth $1199 (USD) until the RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition arrived and took its price of $1199 (USD). It's a fairer comparison to not judge the RTX 2080 Ti against the GTX 1080 Ti, but more of 'how good is the card for $1199 that replaces the TITAN Xp'."

In terms of testing they found a 27.2% increase in 4K performance for Rise of the Tomb Raider and massive 71.8% increase in performance for Rainbow Six Siege in 4K - over the 1080 Ti.


Guru 3D
"Face it, the RTX 2080 Ti is a beast. We're seeing some caps at lower resolution gaming, but for Ultra HD, the next step in performance has been made. Depending on title and workload you'll see 25% to maybe even 40% performance increases in this specific resolution. The RTX 2080 Ti really starts to flex muscle at 2560x1440, anything below is normalized due to driver and processor bottlenecks. We cannot think of a game that won't run really good combined with the best image quality settings."

In their testing Guru 3D found a 23% boost in performance for Grand Theft Auto V at 4K, pushing close to 100 fps. With Wolfenstein II pushing a 60% increase in 4K performance.


It's also worth mentioning that currently there aren't any specific ray-tracing titles available for full testing of the cards advanced features - but the general consensus is that once you hit 1440p and above, the difference over the 10 series becomes huge. Where gains are generally found in the 25-40% range.

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Will the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti allows me playing games using high-level virtual reality? Since video cards up to NVIDIA GTX 1070 don't make it impossible to reproduce the detailed virtual world. I have a video card GTX 1060 in my computer. After visiting the center of virtual reality in Melbourne - https://virivr.com.au/, I decided to buy the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet and connect it to my PC. But I was disappointed with the quality of the virtual world. I didn't receive any positive emotions from playing VR games in my PC. I hope the new video card will allow VR games to reach a whole new level.
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Ballarat, Victoria
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it's likely that the RTX cards will run VR titles developed for those next-gen features like realtime ray tracing with a little bit more of an ability to trick your visual brain into believing what it's being shown is makes some kind of normal sense in terms of reality as you are used to in your real life. although it's likely that pushing your Occulus Rift to render those higher resolutions and features may require more bandwidth than it is currently technically capable of, so with the VirtualLink adapter there will likely be hardware upgrades to come that can take advantage of to display those spec increases.

the more you spend time in VR the more you become aware of how different it is to gaming beforehand. some scenes and motion or scene transition types of actions to the player camera/VR appendages lend well to VR and some don't.

VR seem's more fun socially, if not just for the first time factor then for something that's new and neat if not a little creepy. you're probably not going to find too many moving stories to your liking just yet because it's not there yet, and it depends what you'd be comparing your positive emotional connection to previously that you haven't found in VR yet. there are some good stories where if you suspend your disbelief or spectisicism you may find to be fun or whatever, but you have to kind of work to how the story tellers and the developers have made it available to you on VR, it's not perfect or even a great experience after a while with current hardware but it's at times compelling.

there's some more reading from various perspectives and focus points on this at these links, basically buying one of these cards right now isn't going to increase anything other than the 4k fps which benchmarks strong, because the realtime RT isn't available in driver yet (for the one game with support for it as of writing, Shadow of The Tomb Raider)

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Brisbane, Queensland
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lolz at the prices of these things when they came out.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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The early adopter/enthusiast in me really wants one, but f*** that price, thats just madness :(
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Ballarat, Victoria
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you can see where it goes at their confs. i went to the ai one in syd earlier in september and it's the first time tech demos at a booth has amazed me. iirc it was an image classifier running input matches, so like 'red' as a chroma key for all vehicles that were red, against a cctv video dataset of cars doing an 'illegal' turn, specified as a screen penned input in various directions. such impressive graphics tech prowess

the giveaways, the catering, all superb

still, not at that price though...

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Keen to upgrade from my 1060 but no way at that price. I don't even think I can justify 1k let alone 2k. Guess they won't be getting cheaper with all the bitcoin stuff etc still either.
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The prices are a bit ridiculous. I wonder when AMD will have something good to offer that will help drive competition.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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If their past offerings are any indication, then pretty much never. They still don't even have a card that can compete on the same footing as a 1080ti, let alone a 2080ti
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