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Alienware 34 120 Hz G-Sync Gaming Monitor Review - #UltraWide4Lyf
Melbourne, Victoria
4504 posts
In addition to the benefit you get from G-Sync, which is hard to go back from, once you experience an UltraWide display for any extended period of time - the feeling is the same. When it comes to PC gaming, over the past year we've been doing the majority of our own playing on an UltraWide display. So when we had the chance to check out the Alienware 34 - we knew it would be impressive.

The Alienware 34 performs admirably in terms of offering all manner of adjustment options and game specific functions like displaying frame-rates and timing. In terms of any issues we noticed with the picture, well outside of the brilliant colour response and contrast there is the slightest hint of edge-light or corner-light bleeding when viewing 16:9 content. Which is to be expected with an IPS display. Ahead of the release of Nvidia’s RTX 2080 series of cards the 3440 x 1440-pixel resolution is perfect for the current 10-series, with games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider able to draw additional detail across the wider image – resulting in a noticeably more immersive experience than what we found on a standard QHD screen.

Click Here For Our Full Alienware 34 120 Hz G-Sync Gaming Monitor Review
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I've had this monitor for around 4 months now and I love it, best purchase for a long time.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I'm pretty set on my next monitor being this:

ROG Swift PG35VQ 35 inch, Ultra-WQHD, HDR, 21:9 Curved, 200Hz, G-SYNC

Last I read it's due out Q4.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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i was going to get that monitor then i realized it wasnt IPS monitor
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Ditto, and its been delay after delay.

I got the Alienware last year and am super happy. Gorgeous display, my only complaint is that not all games are ultrawide friendly. But you can always run them with black sidebars and you don't notice after a few seconds.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Lots of Alienware reviews...

If a company gives you a bunch of stuff... does it impact the neutrality of the review? vs. if you actually had to pay for that s***. This monitor is way over priced.

i.e how is it $1400 better than this or $1500 better than this
or or this

"RGB zone lighting"
Do you mean 99% RGB gamut coverage ?

And I must be the only person on the planet that hates downward facing ports.

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Brisbane, Queensland
6633 posts
obes you have lots to learn about monitors, all those monitors you point out are even close
1. G-Sync monitors cost more than freesync
2. resolutions is not same on 2 of them
3. hertz none of them do 120 hertz

that without going into little finer details like contract and colour
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