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The Alienware name is one that shouldn't need an introduction, especially if you've ever laid eyes on a gaming rig in the past decade. As a part of Dell, Alienware is not only one of the premiere gaming brands in terms of hardware but one also associated with quality and its own distinct look and feel.

As we found out in our review of the Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard.
As a gaming keyboard the Alienware AW768 pulls no punches in terms of the underlying hardware. The use of Brown switches hits that sweet spot of tactile feedback without an overly click-y response, suiting most applications from gaming to typing. Although only available in this style of mechanical key, it’s not a detriment to overall product. At 1.46 kg the AW768 is weighty too, more so than most keyboard alternatives - which place it firmly in the camp of a ‘park it once and watch it never move’ peripheral.

Click Here for Our Full Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard Review
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