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Razer Raiju Ultimate Review - Is this the PlayStation 4's Elite...
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Well one look at the price tag and you'd probably agree, with Razer not taking any shortcuts to create what is no doubt a premium controller for the PlayStation 4 with a number of great features. And exceptional build quality.

Without an official Elite-style controller, where sturdy build quality and design touches like interchangeable thumb sticks and d-pads and panels factor into the premium pricing, something like the Razer Raiju Ultimate fits in nicely into the realm of the PlayStation 4 accessory. Well, perfectly actually. It ticks all the right boxes – from the exceptional build quality and hard rubber finish to the comfortable grips to the interchangeable thumb sticks. It even comes with high-quality carry case, and support for both USB play and PC compatibility through Bluetooth. Plus, a few handy shortcut buttons. And RGB Chroma lighting.

Ultimate in every way – there’s only one drawback.

Click Here for Our Full Razer Raiju Ultimate Review
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