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Quake Champions Gets Legendary Q3DM17 Map aka The Longest Yard
Melbourne, Victoria
4417 posts
As in that one in space with all the jump pads leading to, well, pure carnage. Reimagined and recreated for Quake Champions as The Longest Yard the new map not only pays homage to the excellent Quake 3 Arena but proves that when it comes to classic maps - Q3DM17 still holds up today.

And where all you need sometimes is a fresh coat of paint.

The new map arrives as part of the September update for Quake Champions which is now free-to-play for all. It arrives alongside a new Champion and Arcade Modes.
Jump pads … IN SPAAAAAAAAAACE! That was Q3DM17, one of Q3A’s most popular and brutal maps, that lent a mad, jumpy, and ridiculous showcase for rail and rocket skills to the game. Well, now The Longest Yard is back, completely reimagined for Quake Champions and designed to deliver all the crazy excitement and fun to the September update. Just try not to Bullrush off the edge, all you Scalebearers out there.

Quake Champions is all about speed and mobility, so let’s take that to its most outrageous extreme. Athena swings in on her grappling hook, allowing players to fly high above the fray, dropping rockets and plasma and rail shots on the poor suckers left walking below. A familiar face from Quake’s past, Athena will blast her way into PTS in mid-September, with plans to debut publicly shortly thereafter.

The latest specialty modes will bring all new ways to compete in Quake Champions in September. Featured in the ‘Play Now’ screen, Arcade Modes will rotate on a regular basis. Some examples of game modes you’ll see in Arcade Mode include:
Hot Rockets: All Champions spawn with just the Rocket Launcher. Oh, and those Launchers happen to have infinite ammo and QUAD DAMAGE. BOOM.

  • Mystery Champion: Start with a random Champion and spawn as a different character each time you’re fragged. The best part? You can spawn as Champions you haven’t unlocked yet, so you can try them all. And you will be forced to.
    Team Instagib: The one-hit-to-frag, splatterific classic, now with support for two teams of four!
  • Unholy Trinity: Weapon pickups no longer appear on the map. However, you spawn with Quake’s trifecta of iconic weapons – the Rocket Launcher, the Railgun and the Lightning Gun! Do your best with the best weapons in games.
  • Sacrifice: The Soul-seizing, Obelisk-capturing 4v4 fan favorite returns!
12:50pm 04/09/18 Permalink
12:50pm 04/09/18 Permalink
AGN Admin
Other International
39661 posts
Might have to check this out. Playing this map back in the Q3 days is probably /the/ most fun I've had playing a video game ever.
02:37pm 04/09/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
19176 posts
the map looks a lot smaller in that preview vid but in this gameplay vid it looks about the same size as the original. they've also added a platform for the jump pad that takes you to the quad and a room on either side of the lowest floor.

03:27pm 04/09/18 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
4419 posts
Definitely the most fun Q3 map...
03:58pm 04/09/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6630 posts
nice, looking forward to the patch, ill be back playing it
10:42pm 04/09/18 Permalink
10:42pm 04/09/18 Permalink
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