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OK so umm my VR optional MMO is online
Cairns, Queensland
16859 posts

Come take a look if you like, all you need is a PC and an XBox controller :)

It's just a baby but assuming the systems are working ok now (hit things, get hit, die and spawn etc) I'll be able to push lots of content pretty quickly.

Its rough and janky but I think its got legs given time and love. There's a lot of things (like in game menus and s***) that are still in the process of being ported from the original single player first person builds.

Pick things up off the ground by holding (A)
Hit things with weapons using (X)
Jump with (B)
Move with L stick
Toggle sprint with the Left stick push button
Toggle Main Hand item with Right D-PAD
Toggle Offhand item with Left DPAD
Pan camera with R stick
Select target using the left trigger to engage, and then hit it.
Reset position behind character with right stick
Reset seated VR position by pressing Left and Right shoulder buttons simultaneously

Anyway come take a look, here's some Steam keys - be a bro and update the thread if you use one plzzzz

11:33am 05/08/18 Permalink
11:33am 05/08/18 Permalink
5181 posts
Good on you Hoggy. I hope it goes well mate.
11:46am 05/08/18 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16860 posts
Eh its a bit of fun, innit :)
11:51am 05/08/18 Permalink
6563 posts
Just ordered an xbox controller to get on board
01:36pm 05/08/18 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16861 posts

Current build is a little f***ed but Im pushing an update this morning.
07:56am 07/08/18 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
1901 posts
Would be really cool to see a gameplay video on youtube - you got anything like this yet Hog?
06:40pm 10/08/18 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16862 posts
I've been changing it so much in the last week I haven't had a moment to do a video (and would rapidly be out of date) but its on my list :) I need to do a 'trailer' video to finish the Steam Store setup anyway.

Also, I THINK someone at AGN here placed 2 orders last night but only left a contact number and no email address. If you are the holder of order #1011 and #1012 please PM me and I'll hook you up with some closed alpha keys :)
06:48am 11/08/18 Permalink
6566 posts
I might be super pants on head retarded but I still don't understand how to get the exe/app and do the thing

Assume i'm the bottom 50% of the iq distribution (which I am) and cater to me dangnabit!


edit: been all over the site am i missing something obvious? Nothing on steam??
10:05pm 11/08/18 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16863 posts
The game isn't public on Steam yet cos its still a janky hot mess in a few ways but we're getting there!

To use the closed alpha keys you have to choose [Activate a product on Steam] from the [Games] menu and enter your key :)
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