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who watches hdr movies off their pc?
Brisbane, Queensland
943 posts
So i splurged and got the asus pg27uq 4k hdr gsync monitor...

I was trying to watch some 4k uhd hdr mkv on my pc and the colours look all washed out.

hdr and wide colour gamut are on in windows
i have tried vlc, mpc and divx pro

looks like hdr isnt working

anyone know wtf is going on?

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06:58pm 19/07/18 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
26469 posts
There are a couple or perhaps a few different HDR standards. You could be trying to use the wrong one?
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Brisbane, Queensland
19173 posts
the video your trying to watch is probably dolby vision. it looks like your monitor only supports HDR10.
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AGN Admin
Other International
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Your video card (and drivers) also needs to support it doesn't it, because it needs a higher colour bit depth for the output?
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Brisbane, Queensland
24049 posts
Yeah, I don't *think* it'd be a dolby vision thing, cos afaik dolby vision metadata can't be ripped into an mkv file anyway, but every link in the chain needs to support HDR for it to work. The file you're watching could also just be a dodgy rip

If you want something to test with, you can grab demo HDR videos from here, its what I used to test my TV when I was setting it all up http://4kmedia.org/tag/hdr/
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Ballarat, Victoria
4408 posts
HDR 4K need's some non standard hardware decoding to run nicely

I've found that the one the work's all the time is PotPlayer and if you've got Nvidia graphics it uses hardware DXVA & CUDA to decode so it's smooth as butter

Haven't tried VLC since the recent Vetinari update so that may have improved in decoding since...

Defs try potplayer or one of the newer Kodi builds though, if your SSD can keep up you should have a good experience with either

edit: oh right it's a Dolby Vision colours thing, isn't Dolby Vision a paid plugin on Windows 10?

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Brisbane, Queensland
24050 posts
Nah, thats Dolby Atmos that is a paid thing, Dolby Vision is hardware level stuff, the monitor has to have support for it built in
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