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Mouse and Keyboard for ps4
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I’m looking to change from console (PS4) to pc. But first I would like to spend some time using a keyboard and mouse on my PS4 to make sure that is the way to go. Looking at xim apex with a Logitech 603 wireless keyboard and g903 wireless mouse. Will they work on my PS4 through the xim apex?
Thanks in advance for your feedback and opinions

My apologies if this is an obvious question. I’m very green to all of this
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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I'm not sure regarding your question, but if you intend on playing online multiplayer shooters on PC then mouse & keyboard is the only way to go if you want to be competitive
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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Hi richy - when playing the computery computer i recommend computing with the commodore 64 paddle for all uses

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XIM is the way to go if you dont have a PC yet. i have both the XIM and cronusmax. I use the cronusmax mostly so i can use the same kb/mouse connected to my PC, since i use my ps4 through my pc monitor its an easy switch over.
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