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20 years since I 98
5174 posts
How else traveled down to Melbourne for this? I can't believe its been 20 years (well, it will be in December)
I think I still have my dog tags someplace.

(edit: fixed the subject)
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Brisbane, Queensland
15626 posts
Quake 98 was a yeronga primary hall event iirc, or was that Quake 97? I think the bigger Melbourne event at the time was Impulse 98 or something like that. Wireplay inviades Brisbane was also 1998.

Regardless, 2 decades man :S
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Sydney, New South Wales
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never forget
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AGN Admin
Other International
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Impulse 98? edit: or was it Impulse 99? Or were there two.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Impulse 98 was the big one in Melbourne. I didn't go to 98, but some Sydney players I know flew down there for it, hand out at B****whore's. WP invades Brisbane, we had a big event at Balmain in Sydney during that launch. That video also shows the launch of Q2 when TR and SoQ came to Sydney to play in front of crowds on some standard PC's. I think that was WP launch in Sydney or make it was Q2 launch combined? I use to organise "Clan Drinks" on Thursday nights at Epping Hotel which was mostly Quake and RTS players from MPU LAN's. Fun times.
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Yeah, that's right, Impulse 98, but I'm sure my dogtags had Quake 98 on it. Meh, I can't remember some details anymore cause, age, concussions, strokes ect.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yeah I went down for Impulse 98

would have been in nov-dec as I remember school having finished

edit: oh yeah link
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AGN Admin
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Just found my dogtag:


Couple of photos I have from the event (none are mine).

- 360 panorama

Dethon winning a prize for pwning noobs

Forgot this bloke's name, but he was the favourite for the Quake 1v1s, IIRC. I think these are the "Wireplay girls".
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Brisbane, Queensland
1693 posts
20 Years since Wireplay Invades Brisbane........ so much cabling.....and way too much Jolt. I do miss lan days/weekends
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Re. Trog:

Bloke surrounded by invisible women is Reload, got a chance to duel him at one of the Melbourne Fragware lans back in the day. He was indeed pretty f*****g good.

I miss the HDD throwing comps in the parking lot and winning pizza and/or beer for your whole table... that and carting a massive 19" CRT around...
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AGN Admin
Other International
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Reload rings a bell! nice one.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3880 posts
This 2 month thread on r/brisbane regarding the Bris/AU quake scene might be of interest for nostalgia value:
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Sydney, New South Wales
2599 posts
There is a link to the wireplay invades Brisbane in this thread.

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Ballarat, Victoria
4402 posts
yeah, also remember the Quake 2 launch party at the Carlton with one of the ID level designers, Tim Willits ?

there was also the Regen LAN weekends at Yeronga and of course Wireplay where Dethon was up on stage doing his thing

It does seem like a long time ago
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Nice work finding your dog tags and those photos Trog. Brings back some memories.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21545 posts
Old c*** thread
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Brisbane, Queensland
41117 posts
something wrong with your u key brah.

you'll notice im not in this thard
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Ballarat, Victoria
4403 posts
fun fact: those old CRT monitors used to emit very low energy x-rays, which is a distantly related to gamma radiation, a form of ionising radiation. as in, they had a slightly measurable radioactive element and dust particles can absorb this radioactivity

if you ever pressed the degauss button on one of those you could sometimes feel the magnetism on your face, emitted during the process. although you'd be more likely to get cancer from passive smoking or walking around densely populated carbon emission areas than you would from playing too many games of Quake

that LCD or LED screen you're more than likely reading this on now, no worries of that

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Brisbane, Queensland
21546 posts
you'll notice im not in this thard

And yet, here you are
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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i must say that fact was quite fun trillion - did you know flies actually jump backwards to take off <-- this fact is less fun..
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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
2070 posts
From Donde's youtube channel, Vic's video of Wireplay Invades Brisbane


I can remember being so stoked at winning a free copy of Forsaken there, only to have them basically give them all away to nearly everyone at the end. :)

I always wanted the "Next LAN: " to be changed from unknown, miss those days of LAN.
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Hi Guv !

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