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Steam Summer Sale Now On
Melbourne, Victoria
4046 posts
Dubbed the Intergalactic Summer Sale, big discounts are available from now until July 5. And yeah, it's winter here but we've gotten used to the whole "it's summer sale time" thing. Some of the main deals live today include Tyranny at 66% off, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG at 33% off, and Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition at 50% off.

There's also a new browser game to play, that indeed plays into the Intergalactic theme where you can choose an interstellar location for your chance to win a free game. It's a cool idea that lets you up your chances the more you play.

Head to Steam now, and let us know if you grab anything.
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01:42pm 22/06/18 Permalink
AGN Admin
Other International
39618 posts
I just picked up PolyBridge which I've been wanting to try for a while.
03:17pm 22/06/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4308 posts
Picked up Poly Bridge cause trog.
Also bought The Forest the night before the sales started (doh). Game is hilariously fun.
03:21pm 23/06/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6182 posts
Grabbed Age of Empires 2 HD USD$4~ holy back in time batman
Dirt Rally and dirt 4 USD$24~

Also I finally(today) grabbed Battlefield1 from for AUD$35
05:08pm 24/06/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
41114 posts
dirt rally is worth whatever you pay for it.
08:47pm 24/06/18 Permalink
2869 posts

I bought Conan Exiles from Gamersgate, Wishing I bought it on steam itself because I could refund it lol.

I kinda want to play that new Jurassic park game but it's got mixed reviews about it so I will wait til its cracked or they lower the price or add/fix things with it.

The new expansion for Elder Scrolls online is out but I find it hard to get into ESO for some reason. It just not a real Elder Scrolls game for me. I would get it if I was into it though.

Found this survival/minecraft like game in my discovery que. Looks interesting.

My friend is interested in Vermintide 2 but I'm not as interested but see what happens next week.

Aside from that, there is really nothing of interest in the sale for me.

11:54am 27/06/18 Permalink
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
19 posts
Hey Spooka - any tips on getting multiple monitors on dirt rally? i'm runnin radeon gear and eyefinity keeps making it crash on startup.

Live for speed has some good options for multiple monitors
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