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2018 FIFA World Cup
Gold Coast, Queensland
26428 posts
It starts tonight! Russia vs Saudi Arabia at 0100hrs. I'll be working so I'll only be listening on the radio. Easily my favourite sport tournament and my second favourite sporting thing behind the State of Origin when NSW win. All the games are on SBS apparently. Got money on Switzerland and Peru to win I feel they are both very safe bets (Germany will probably win).
04:28pm 14/06/18 Permalink
04:28pm 14/06/18 Permalink
AGN Admin
Other International
39610 posts
Woo I'm pretty excited (although totally uninterested in game #1). I've been contracting to a French company while I've been overseas so super excited for the Australia vs France game on Saturday so I can chat with my colleagues while it's on. Although I have low expectations for the result :| But football is a funny old game so maybe the Socceroos will pull out some magic.

I have a couple mates that are going & invited me to go with; I was kind of tempted but ultimately I wanted to not go to Russia more than I wanted to go to the World Cup. After reading this story about people getting arbitrarily & randomly rejected I'm kind of happy with that call, although afaik my mates are all on track to get there OK.

04:56pm 14/06/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
41107 posts
all the games are not on sbs, i think you need optus for that.

i dont care for soccer because of all the horrible faking of penalties and what not.

but ill happily watch the aussies play! (all the aussie games are on sbs)
06:52pm 14/06/18 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
26429 posts
Yeah definitely not the most intriguing game ones but is World Cup is good.

I wouldn't be able to contain my rage if I had tickets sorted and then my visa got cancelled.

Might have to get Optus then I guess. Australia vee ess France is on at 8pm our time on a Saturday night. How f*****g awesome of that.
06:58pm 14/06/18 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
2594 posts
Portugal vs Spain first thing on Saturday morning \o/
France vs Australia at 8pm \o/

Portuguese background, will be watching it with the family Saturday morning!
09:38pm 14/06/18 Permalink
Other International
3391 posts
I don't follow much sports, but I do love getting into the big world cups. The football world cup is always good fun. Get involved spook!

Man I still remember how amazing some of those early group stage games were last cup.

Portugal v Spain should be interesting! Keen for that.

Also v excited for Aus v France on Sat, got some French pals here in Cape Town who I'll watch with.

What is the Socceroo's recent form like? Are we still relying on ol' Cahill to score all our goals??

I'll be over in Portugal from about the quarters, I think, through to the final, should be fun!
04:58am 15/06/18 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
26432 posts
Australia vs France people!

Australia to win 2-0 with a Cahill stunner at some point :D

edit: oh and did anyone see one of the greatest set pieces ever taken by Ronaldo last night? If he takes Portugal to a final and wins he's staking a claim for greatest ever player. Same with Messi.
06:07pm 16/06/18 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
26433 posts
45 more minutes of that please except with some Cahill goals.
08:47pm 16/06/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10652 posts
Holding le bleu for an hour ... Awsesome job!
09:18pm 16/06/18 Permalink
09:18pm 16/06/18 Permalink
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