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Living in slow times - FPS for old men ?
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
5 posts
With now day and age of fast paced business, 24hr access to communications and people working themselves into the grave - it's good to be able to sign backup to a forum where tumble weeds roll and jaded gamers dwell.

I reach out for advice... From you. I need an FPS i can test out my new box on which wont give me rocket jumping RSI - help me QGL

btw.. Have some music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEXxubhb_fA

03:26pm 03/06/18 Permalink
03:26pm 03/06/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
41094 posts
the only shooter you need play is fortnite.
03:38pm 03/06/18 Permalink
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
6 posts
Looks like the type of programme to utilise your CPU to mine for bitcoin.. i'm in
03:46pm 03/06/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
24044 posts
I like Overwatch, its got some twitchy hitscan type heroes if you want that kind of gameplay, but plenty of others as well
01:48pm 04/06/18 Permalink
5784 posts
Escape from Tarkov is enjoyable if you like a slower paced, hardcore realism type FPS. Graphics are nice, and tests the best rigs.
01:55pm 04/06/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
24073 posts
Battlefield 1. It is so beautiful.
02:22pm 04/06/18 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
3897 posts
Wolfenstein II...
05:02pm 04/06/18 Permalink
Rockhampton, Queensland
42 posts

The era of fast and skilled fps gamers who played titles such as Quake etc is long gone.

Im slowly rotting away in pubg FPP lol
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Other International
935 posts
The era of fast and skilled fps gamers who played titles such as Quake etc is long gone.
Im slowly rotting away in pubg FPP lol

It's now open worlds and twitching, I can't keep up with it. I preferred small arenas and fast game play but it's gone into bizarro land. Isn't counter-strike still heavily played?
01:26pm 05/06/18 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
2592 posts
There is a new version of Quake named Quake Champions currently in early access, they've introduced abilities. Next patch coming out this month will have off-line bots available to practice with as well.
10:14pm 06/06/18 Permalink
5787 posts

The era of fast and skilled fps gamers who played titles such as Quake etc is long gone.

Im slowly rotting away in pubg FPP lol

Fortnite's popularity with fast & skilled fps gamers says otherwise. Though it is third person of course.
11:27pm 06/06/18 Permalink
2862 posts
Fallout 4. It's a shooter....partially. Plus lots of mods for it, more than you could ever want.

Battlefield 1, for what it's worth.

Try replaying older games for nostalgia. Half-life etc.
04:50am 07/06/18 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
1010 posts
pubg is reportedly slow. Like boring slow.

Fortnite is great if you graduated from Club Penguin.

Overwatch.... I didn't think much of it. It was too easy. I uninstalled it in disgust after getting "Move of the match" after playing for a few hours. Has this stupid "Special attack", and all the classes have a special attack. and it has this animated look like Team Fortress 2. Not my cup of tea at all.

Fallout 4 looked nice and is kind of fun single player.

Battlefield 1 is hard but good. Personally I like Battlefield 1, it's hard, and it's outdoors open maps. Vehicles, classes etc. Graphically excellent.

MidAir, I'll be trying out in a couple months.

Also, the latest Quake
07:51pm 07/06/18 Permalink
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
10 posts
Just tried hitman 2, seems quite buggy and annoying - looking at the back of olemates head is quite annoying - wonder how i get my 10usd back ..
07:01am 11/06/18 Permalink
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
11 posts
New quake is the s*** though Nmag - getting owned too haha
06:18pm 12/06/18 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
1013 posts
Not sick of corridors yet?

Vehicles and open maps with trees and planes are fun. Tanks and trucks and sidecars. 64 player maps. Maybe I'll try latest quake after MidAir. Almost done with BF1.
07:52pm 12/06/18 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
2593 posts
New Quake is free right now whilst E3 is on, get it now and it's free forever. I've played a lot of BF1 (and still playing it) so I'm pretty keen on BFV when it's out, hopefully we can check out the beta soon.
08:08pm 12/06/18 Permalink
Adelaide, South Australia
1003 posts
New Quake is free right now whilst E3 is on, get it now and it's free forever. I've played a lot of BF1 (and still playing it) so I'm pretty keen on BFV when it's out, hopefully we can check out the beta soon.

Does it offer zimmer frames for the incredibly old?!
12:12am 13/06/18 Permalink
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
12 posts
ahh the legend lives - gotta learn the maps properly, need to invest more time into the ffa style instead of being a stubborn RA3 goon.
08:10am 14/06/18 Permalink
AGN Admin
Other International
39611 posts
New Quake is free right now whilst E3 is on, get it now and it's free forever. I've played a lot of BF1 (and still playing it) so I'm pretty keen on BFV when it's out, hopefully we can check out the beta soon.
thanks for the tip dude!! grabbed it & will give it a go
05:00pm 14/06/18 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
1015 posts
Was fun. I downloaded Quake Champions tonight. Skipped tutorial and played a Team Death Match map.

We won, I got 11 kills and got fragged once towards end of map. Then I got meaner with the weapon changes and these nubs were getting owned.

Took me 3/4 of map to work out what was health and what was armour on hud and ground. What are those yellow things? Ammo? I was just collecting everything and smashing these poor nubs. Will play again. Within 5 mins I was hopping backwards over gaps and firing rockets all over. Missed getting quad by about 2 seconds. Worked out those armour things are green. Was fast and fun. Looked great.

Can't find any files for the game on the PC except the cfg's.

Here is my cfg:

{ "GAME_CONFIG": { "backendLogin": "[\n 8,\n 1,\n 16,\n 207,\n 153,\n 217,\n 140,\n 14,\n 24,\n 4,\n 32,\n 62,\n 42,\n 112,\n 117,\n 220,\n 54,\n 25,\n 116,\n 79,\n 190,\n 143,\n 50,\n 175,\n 87,\n 87,\n 70,\n 152,\n 12,\n 66,\n 25,\n 77,\n 221,\n 34,\n 144,\n 158,\n 68,\n 96,\n 193,\n 150,\n 208,\n 7,\n 67,\n 6,\n 19,\n 234,\n 88,\n 251,\n 229,\n 120,\n 92,\n 221,\n 66,\n 167,\n 24,\n 10,\n 86,\n 83,\n 16,\n 7,\n 104,\n 207,\n 32,\n 11,\n 21,\n 45,\n 154,\n 44,\n 32,\n 101,\n 109,\n 160,\n 232,\n 86,\n 188,\n 186,\n 51,\n 108,\n 190,\n 247,\n 237,\n 178,\n 158,\n 253,\n 18,\n 133,\n 113,\n 45,\n 255,\n 111,\n 132,\n 219,\n 43,\n 64,\n 214,\n 110,\n 163,\n 164,\n 32,\n 195,\n 64,\n 157,\n 49,\n 140,\n 102,\n 238,\n 240,\n 116,\n 33,\n 104,\n 66,\n 47,\n 50,\n 37,\n 121,\n 253,\n 69,\n 206,\n 118,\n 255,\n 53,\n 85,\n 139,\n 253,\n 181,\n 7\n]", "playlistSelectedModes": "quick_playlist_bots", "mouseRotateInvertVertical": true, "teammateHealthArmorIndicator": 0, "selectedDataCenters": "AWS-GameLift-Au-Sydney", "userId": "DefaultPlayer[000000004DEBC3E0 : UserProfile]", "delaySwitchWeaponEnabled": false, "teammateHealthIndicator": 0, "teammateArmorIndicator": 0 }, "cfg_version": 1 }

Can we mess with this cfg or does it auto write over, or does it not allow cfg tweaks? Can we do binds, exec files and stuff? I guess I can start googling this stuff.



Player name Nmag AU

Can only post about once a day because of the "You can only post every 1800000000000000000 seconds".. So here, have it all at once.

Here is under my new desk I built:


Here is above it:


PS fpot's desk is probbaly woven from reeds, and his wind powered PC is built from parts from socially responsible mines scattered all over the world.
07:24pm 14/06/18 Permalink
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
13 posts
Nice desk setup - i think i'll need to knock something up very similar - i have a bit of a mess in my den downstairs.. might see ya on there nmag - player name gr0nk

I'm not sure what happend to being able to bind stuff in game manually, used to push the button next to 1 and tinker which was pretty useful, might do some googling myself.

Strafe jumping is very similar, i just think of basket ball when you're being defended under the hoop with the mouse movements, bit like how a boxer weaves around - any tips here Python ?
08:22am 17/06/18 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
26434 posts
Actually it was picked up from the road from someone down the street who was throwing it out.

Also if you're going to create an account to help you evade your post limiter you should probably avoid talking to it because that's really weird behaviour and I know your desperate for people to see you as someone who isn't completely f***ed in the head.
02:27pm 17/06/18 Permalink
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
14 posts
it took a good 20 years of abuse to be this f***ed in the head bro, bit like having a solid beer gut - paid in full!
06:36pm 17/06/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
24046 posts
I'm not sure what happend to being able to bind stuff in game manually

In most games you still can rebind all the keys, its just you do it through a keybind menu now instead of the console because its 2018
10:47am 18/06/18 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
1017 posts


Oh fpot I'm not desperate enough to care. That's pretty strong language. Should I be triggered? You should get increased post restrictions for your divisive behaviour.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions runs well and was quick to install and be playing on a server. It auto put me in an easy match to start off. Intuitive and lots of fun.




3600 x 900. Wide shelf under for folders, subs, etc. Cable tray.

After we moved:

Skirt for new desk:

Propping skirt and fixing to wall:

Preparing top:

Cable trays:

Completed (Under):

Completed (above):

More FPS

This game is a bit old now, it's cartoonish, but works well in cooperative mode. Orcs Must Die! 2. Cheapo and fun.


Key Binding

In many FPS games, even in 2018 there are far more functions that are available via console bar "`" than there are shown in options menu. We can run the console commands, but to save in a cfg file for future use gets more challenging depending what the game allows, and if it overwrites. For example, BF 1:


10:49am 18/06/18 Permalink
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
18 posts
Love a good walk through on installation - props Nmag!

I have a wall ~ 4m long, and i was thinkin... having 2x2m benches - both with abilities to fold up to say 1.4m and back down to 1m, i've seen some top tier builders offices and the standing stations look good for a changeup - probably good for your health if you're at a screen on the reg

oh yeah.. damn 2018 khel damnit it too 2019..
05:50pm 18/06/18 Permalink
05:50pm 18/06/18 Permalink
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