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Steve Farrelly
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And much like the game, and its narrative, that headline is heavily on-the-nose. But Detroit: Become Human isn't the worst PS4 exclusive, and actually offers some compelling moments, characters and portrayals, it's just a question of: is this actually a game?

And philosophically, the answer is yes. Of course it is. You interact, it has 'choices', it's on a console... all that jazz. But reality strikes initially, in the game's predictable second act and then even more so in its third that, really, this is just interactive storytelling. Lite.

Here's a snippet from our review:
The writing was phoned in 90-percent of the time. And it’s themes are so on-the-nose it gets ridiculous (the digital magazine articles around President Warren are so heavily Trump, it gets a bit embarrassing after a while). But the actors portraying the characters do a fantastic job of helping sell this arc. And there is a story here, it’s just not all that well handled through both minutia and the aforementioned lack of subtlety. Add to this some intensely amazing visuals and capture performances, hamstrung only by being told where to go, what to do and where you can’t go and what you can’t do, and we end up with a game that had the potential to break out of some historical Cages (sorry), and really set itself up as something new, unique and compelling. But it really doesn’t deliver on any of those fronts at all.

Being able to track your storyline flowchart chapter-to-chapter against your friends and global stats is awesome, but it’s perhaps the only most forward-thinking side of the ‘game’ here. And that’s a shame, because the budget that has clearly gone into this, as well as the technology that will come out the other side, should have set us up for an amazing experience. But what we’ve been handed is a heavily directed and scripted story (that also isn’t Triple-A in the writing space), with heavily directed and scripted gameplay. The real metaphor for robots being told what to do, when to do it and how they failed, or could have done better, by the player is the player. We’re kind of the heart of this piece based on its design. But that’s definitely not intentional, and equally speaks volumes about what Detroit: Become Human is.
So, at any rate, Click here to read our review.
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I really enjoyed it, it's a superior version of Life is Strange (which I also enjoyed).

Sure the QTEs are lazy but the gameplay is more about the choices you make and having to live with them.

I'm regretting making the right moral choice after I finished it the first time!
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I'd never heard the expression QTE before (or if I had, it was long forgotten), so if like me you're confused: "In video games, a quick time event (QTE) is a method of context-sensitive gameplay in which the player performs actions on the control device shortly after the appearance of an on-screen instruction/prompt. It allows for limited control of the game character during cut scenes or cinematic sequences in the game."
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