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New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Airing Early Thursday Morning AEST
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Sydney, New South Wales
7655 posts
Titled "Official Trailer #3", the next trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 has been earmarked for a very early morning release this coming Thursday, Rockstar has announced.

And yeah, it would normally seem a bit weird to create such a fuss around a trailer release date, but hey, this is Red Dead Redemption 2 we're talking about, so it doesn't really matter now, does it?

1AM AEST on Thursday, May 3rd is when we can all stay up late and grab a bag of popcorn as we hotly anticipate Red Dead Redemption 2 "Official Trailer #3". Until then, it's errr... business as usual.

Oh, and for posterity, catch the first two trailers again embedded below.

08:54am 01/05/18 Permalink
08:54am 01/05/18 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
26380 posts
Wake me up some news about a PC release date has been announced.
05:18pm 01/05/18 Permalink
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
21538 posts
Loved the first one!

Might have to look into the second.
05:21pm 01/05/18 Permalink
The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
2069 posts
You'd think earning over a Billion dollars with GTA V Online, you'd release it on PC aswell.
10:45am 04/05/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
24038 posts
I'm sure they will, but they gotta put it on console first so they can get people to buy it twice.

Having said that though, I'll probably just get it on console this time, I think the gap between the console version and the PC version will be a lot smaller this time around. Like if I got this on XBox One X, I can't imagine it being too far off the eventual PC version, plus I'd get HDR which I wont get on my PC so in some ways, its even better.
11:59am 04/05/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21530 posts
I dunno they were pretty solid on keeping the first one console only..

The first one was awesome though, got it with my ps3 back in the day
07:43pm 06/05/18 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
26383 posts
First one had buttf***ed source code and was apparently impossible to port to PC.
08:28pm 06/05/18 Permalink
08:28pm 06/05/18 Permalink
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