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Five Tips to Help You Start Out in God of War
Steve Farrelly
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Yep, we've done a listicle. Sue us. Anyway, God of War is a pretty complex and deep game that requires more than what previous entries has asked of players. So we've decided to put together a quick and helpful guide to getting the most out of the game early on, so your endgame experience is all it should be.

Here's a snippet from our helpful guide:
Be a God of Financial Sustainability
Early on in the piece, it’s not really revealed just what the game-world economy is or how collectibles work. Despite the fact there are chests and hidden areas everywhere. Resources are scarce in Midgard, and a lot of them are realm-specific, too. So when you finally meet Brok and eventually his brother, Sindri, you’ll be carrying enough junk to start your own ancient nordic IKEA. But don’t be afraid to sell a lot of it off. The Toys and other collectibles throughout are just that: “collectibles”. Eventually the main blacksmith location at the Lake of the Nine will proudly display your collectibles collection. Moreover, as you progress and the combat challenge gets harder, Hacksilver is going to be your friend. Don’t hoard your runes or leftover bits of armour -- sell, sell, sell.

Be a God of Well-Managed XP Hoarding
Opposite to the above, hoarding XP can actually help you out in the later stages of God of War. The game’s difficulty spike (especially on any setting above Normal) is pretty steep and enemies gain new transformations, types and abilities once you move beyond the “first act”. The more XP you have, the more quickly you can Upgrade your abilities across both Kratos and Atreus. And it’ll be around the midway point that you likely settle on specific abilities across both characters. This tip also cleverly leads into the following two mentioned below, so bank the advice for the time being. Oh, and all that XP.
Click here for our God of War five helpful tips
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