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Open Heart Surgery - who's had it?
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
21509 posts
Probably not a question you'd normally get on a gaming forum.

However I've been hanging around here for the best part of 20 years (can't remember exactly when I started - was definitely late 90's), so I thought I'd share and if it's good enough for Spook is good enough for me.

Anyway, the reason for this post - next week I am heading in for pretty major heart surgery - getting 10cm of my aorta replaced, I'll be on a heart lung bypass machine for the surgery - should be on the table approx 6 hours. couple of days in ICU and then a week or so on the ward, all up 10 days all going well in hospital.

I was born with a dodgy ticker and it was always going to need to be done, though nothing prepares you to hear the words we've got to operate and not fully realising how serious the operation is - certainly took me off guard as my regular cardiologist sent me to a professor who I've been seeing for years for his opinion and he said its time for the op.

A normal aorta is 30mm, in 2013 mine was 34mm, 2015 it was 38mm and again in 2017 it was 38mm. 40mm is the 'warning'' time and the aorta can dissect at 42mm - dissected aorta = dead. So I'll take the surgery route thanks!

20-30cm cut along my ribs/back - they no longer need to crack the chest thankfully.

My heart will pump from chest up including the brain, then the heart / lung machine takes over for bottom half of the body, they keep the room very cold to protect the brain as well.

Anyone else been through anything similar? Whats the recovery like? 6 to 8 weeks off work is what they are saying, I won't be rushing back.
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Brisbane, Queensland
24019 posts
jesus, terrifying. i wish you the best of luck and blessings. hopefully you will be back on the golf course in no time.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21505 posts
That is hardcore man, i have spent plenty of time around hospitals but never had any serious surgery. Worst i had was the biopsy which they went into my chest via the soft bit of skin at the top of the sternum / bottom of neck.

Good luck man, take it easy once you get out of hospital.
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Melbourne, Victoria
3082 posts
Well good luck. Hope it works out.
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AGN Admin
Other International
39499 posts
Best of luck mate!! I have a couple of friends that have had open heart surgery - one I think was in a similar situation to you where he'd had known heart issues, the other was a French friend of mine and it just caught her completely by surprise. Both of them bounced back great.
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
21510 posts
Thanks everyone.

Scary stuff. Wills, power of attorney etc all done in the lead up to it. That kinda drills it home (although I already had both, it was time to update them).

Plan is to take it easy post surgery.

Always knew it was coming, still a shock to hear the Dr say it and go to a cardiothoracic surgeon to hear what it entails.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21506 posts
you are going to get some f*****g sick pain killers post surgery

make sure you are taking coloxyl or something at the same though
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Brisbane, Queensland
18538 posts
Hopefully you won't need luck and surgeon is a boss that has put plenty of hours into Surgeon Simulator.

Can you amend your Will so I can I have your PC, you know .. if the surgeon really was trained using surgeon simulator?

After you have recovered you should totally get a awesome back tattoo to cover the surgical scare.
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Brisbane, Queensland
41012 posts
Geez heards!

Mate best of luck with this.

Iove spook.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3357 posts
Good luck Heards, sounds like a good story to tell the grandkids!
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Brisbane, Queensland
41014 posts
Qgl slowly accumulating all the surgeries!
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Brisbane, Queensland
9327 posts
My mum had a dissected aorta (is that were it delaminates, like an onion?) about 10 years ago.

Lismore doctors, where she lived, didn't know what was wrong so she ended up going to Sydney where they did some tests and immediately started the operation. She survived, but did have some complications which I'll leave out - they cracked open the chest. The complications meant a long recovery and life long lifestyle impacts. But she was a heavy smoker and was in her early 60's at the time - hardly a good starting point for open heart surgery.

As your going in early as prevention rather than cure, you will be fine - but it would still be scary none the less.

I had a throat endoscopy not that long ago and that was bad enough, not knowing what they'd find etc! Thankfully it was all clear.

Good luck!
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2845 posts
I wish you well and for a speedy recovery.

My dad had a heart valve replacement, They could not do it the easy way so they had to crack his chest. His chest was sore for a good while.
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6545 posts
Gl heards, hope it all goes ok.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
26300 posts
Heavy s*** heards. Is this the type of surgery where they keep you awake but dull the pain? Speedy recovery and best of luck mate.
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
21511 posts
Yeah they said I'll be in quite a bit of discomfort post surgery but they'll make me comfortable....

I'll be totally out and kept asleep for a day post surgery and will be woken in ICU before shifting to the ward.

It'll be a killer scar. At least 20cm...

Yeah I'm 39 in May, so Drs said let's attack while your young and healthy etc

Never smoked so that works in my favour. Lungs won't be back to the same level of function for 6 weeks or so!
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Brisbane, Queensland
18539 posts

Heavy s*** heards. Is this the type of surgery where they keep you awake but dull the pain?

Holy s***, Viking level surgery, going to the heart through the back, but keeping you conscious for it..
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Brisbane, Queensland
6340 posts
Mate, I have a very dear friend who has gone through this at 59yrs of age. She was in a minor accident and they discovered her problem when they did some basic chest scans. They rushed her to a special hospital in W.A and one of the states leading heart surgeons replaced just about all of her aorta. He said it was tissue thin, just waiting to rupture. Hes aid she could have died any time in the last 5-7yrs and yet she showed zero signs of the defect. Anyways it sunds like your having something similar. She has the pump inside her that makes her tick and its quite funny when she sits beside you, its like sitting nect to a clock...she has been fine since the op. Retired from school teaching and her and her hubby have continues on their lifestyle as before. They travel and visit friends all over the world. Of course she will be on Wafferin for the rest of her life and has to monitor herself but she fine. You will be too.

My eldest son had avent re-entrant tachycardia of his heart muscle and they went up through his femoral artery and burnt that part of his heart that was miss/over firing and he's been given an A= clean bill of health. The modern tech in medicine today is brilliant. I wouldn't be walking around if it wasn't!

You be ok dude, just rest, take the pain meds and get your strength back. See you on the form when you come home.!!

Bah 6hrs!?? piece of piss...I can beat that...9.5 hrs here for me matey...I had a similar deal where they had me ona machine that took all the blood out of my body and filtered it and put it back in...that was a huge spinal op where they went in through the front of the abdomen to get at the front of the spine. They kept me in a coma for 24hrs in ICU afterwards to...but its all sweet mate. Great technology and great drugs and some of the best surgeons and nurses in the western world. You'll be sorted in no time! ha 6hrs...YOU pussy! :)_

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Melbourne, Victoria
9583 posts
However I've been hanging around here for the best part of 20 years (can't remember exactly when I started - was definitely late 90's), so I thought I'd share and if it's good enough for Spook is good enough for me.

It's like we're all getting old - Spook having shoulder surgery, you having this done, I'm having my jaw surgically broken in four or so weeks if all goes to plan.

Anyone else been through anything similar? Whats the recovery like? 6 to 8 weeks off work is what they are saying, I won't be rushing back.

That sounds pretty damn reasonable. You're probably going to be told similar to me (but for more severe reasons) - no heavy exercise etc, anything that causes elevated heart rate and hence higher blood flow/pressure.

Oh, and stay out of the QGL politics thread, because of the high blood pressure thing.
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Brisbane, Queensland
41017 posts
I got 6 weeks off work just for my shoulder. Feel guilty almost.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9328 posts
I got 6 weeks off work just for my shoulder. Feel guilty almost.

Where can I get one of these faulty shoulders?
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13740 posts
Hope it goes well Heardy
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Brisbane, Queensland
11771 posts
Qgl slowly accumulating all the surgeries!
Probably because we're all basically middle aged men!!

Good luck heardy. Didn't SomeFatBastard have some serious heart surgery the other year?
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Melbourne, Victoria
9584 posts
I got 6 weeks off work just for my shoulder. Feel guilty almost.

Oh now I don't feel bad at all. I've told work I won't be in the office for probably about eight weeks - but expect it to be four weeks sick leave, four weeks working from home. However the surgeon reckons I can go back to work after two weeks, and I'm like "no no, you're not understanding, I have 70 days of sick leave to be used."
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Brisbane, Queensland
41018 posts
i was quite chuffed to find out i had 6 months of sick leave up my sleeve.
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South Australia
25 posts
Good luck to those who have to go through this.

Myself, I have had 4 heart attacks (first was when I was 39, now 51), and have been told I also may need surgery as well, not looking forward too that at all though!
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Brisbane, Queensland
1931 posts
I have an Uncle who went through a heart surgery but they cut through the chest. He had his aortic valve replaced with a cow's valve. He complains about having to take medication for the rest of his life and also he gets bad chest pains where they cut from time to time when he breathes but hopefully since they're not cracking open your chest you don't get any residual pain years later.

Oh and good luck. Like most have said, we've come a long way and surgeons are pretty much performing magic now so you'll be fine!
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Sydney, New South Wales
949 posts
Best of luck. When will you be getting it done?

Surely you can post a few days later to say you came out the other side?
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
21512 posts
Cheers people. Admitted to hospital 21st operation 22nd.

I'll be out of it for a few days after the op I'm guessing
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Brisbane, Queensland
41020 posts
make sure you post heaps during that period heards, so we get some more than usual sensical posts from you!

when i had my acl done a few years, ago, i had like 2 days off work (worked from home while under heavy pain meds)

i often look back fondly on some of the work emails i sent during that period.
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Ballarat, Victoria
4396 posts
...and lived to tell the tale
06:33am 16/03/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21509 posts
He complains about having to take medication for the rest of his life

do you remind him the alternate is that he could be dead?

people just don't f*****g get it sometimes

since i had my second bone marrow stem cell transplant i am now allergic to shellfish which f*****g sucks but the alternate is being dead..
08:34am 16/03/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
41021 posts
doesnt sound that bad at all.

what product in my life do i need that is shellfish based?
08:39am 16/03/18 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
41022 posts
ok, maybe that would be an issue:

Shellfish are sometimes found in the following:

Cuttlefish ink
Fish stock
Seafood flavoring (e.g., crab or clam extract)

i need me glucosamine to keep me parts struggling along.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2288 posts
Worked in a hospital for 14 years, spend most of that time in ICU. Wife is a radiographer.

Assuming no surgical/post complications, you'll be fine. You'll be treated like any other cardiac patient, being there's a set list of things that happen, and count your progress by your tube/pipe removal.

You'll have your op, then go to ICU. After a period of time, they'll get you out of bed in ICU and take you for a walk, then sit you in a chair or upright in bed. They'll give you a breathing exercise thingy and a list of instructions. Do what you're told, there's reasons for it.

Your chest will be sore, don't be a martyr. Ask for pain relief. You'll have a line going into your neck, be careful with that one, they suture it to the skin so it won't come out. If you get a catheter up your old fella, don't rip it out ffs.

You may be able to go back to work in 8 weeks, but you'll feel like you've been run over by multiple buses, budget for longer off if needed.

Break a leg.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6341 posts
Only on QGL. Getting medical advice from a member called DecayingCorpse...ya gotta love it!

:) You'll be sweet dude.

Oh the catheter thing, good advice.

My one best moment was having to have a catheter removed. The male nurse comes in with this very, VERY hot blonde nurse and shes a real babe. The male nurse asks me if its ok if she observes as he takes the catheter out, as she was in training, In my highly drugged state, I replied, "I'd much prefer HER to fiddle around for a while until she gets the hang of it!" hahaha it literally floored them both..they couldn't stop laughing the whole time as they removed it. They were good sports. :)
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