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No doubt the Xbox One X has seen its fair share of titles optimised for the console, from Forza Motorspot 7 to Assassin's Creed Origins to recent titles like Monster Hunter World. Call it a case of being a victim of your own success but the often stunning results mean that we want to see more Xbox One X patches. And soon. Even for titles that have no in-development enhancements in the works.

And so we bring you a few games that have Xbox One X patches still listed as "In Development", plus a few games that aren't on the list. That we'd love to see get support.


As a hardware showcase, id Software’s DOOM was like an explosion when it launched in 2016. On PC that is. The console versions, in particular on Xbox One, couldn’t quite reach the same heights. The lower resolution gave the whole game a slightly blurry look and feel – but still impressed thanks to the blisteringly fast action and wonderful id Tech 6 engine. Even today, on a modern PC, DOOM is an incredible experience. With the additional power under the hood of the Xbox One X we’d love to see the same Xbox One release, running in 4K. Throw in id’s talent for pushing hardware we’d love to see different options for various resolutions and quality settings. This is the sort of game that would offer an almost night and day difference between the Xbox One and Xbox One X versions. Fingers crossed we get it soon.

Click Here to Read Missing in Action: Xbox One X Enhanced Patches We’re Still Waiting On

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