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Judging the quality of a headset or a pair of headphones by price is never a good thing. Alternatively it should be used as a guideline that informs everything else. Case in point, you wouldn't expect audiophile sound out of a $30 headset. Add a zero and an extra hundred though, and you get the impressive Razer Thresher Ultimate Wireless Gaming Headset.

When it comes to headsets, Razer are one of the leaders no doubt. Thanks in part to the exceptional audio performance regardless of solution. Or mythical animal variant – Kraken or Thresher. So, on that front the Razer Thresher Ultimate certainly doesn’t disappoint, in fact for a wireless solution the sound quality is almost always impressive. But, there are a few buts. Not to mention the rather hefty price tag.

When it comes to pure audio numbers, Razer’s use of 50mm drivers and the positioning of them within the now iconic circular Razer cup design is peerless. Coupled with the dynamic frequency response that outshines most other headsets (wireless or otherwise) on the market, what you get is a perfectly detailed stereo sound that shines no matter the source material. Be it a game, piece of music, or a film. In fact, even with 2.0 signal, the channel separation and positional audio offer the sort of additional breadth and scope that you’d want from a premium headset.

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