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GTFO, Witchfire, and In the Valley of Gods... Three Games Announced ...
Melbourne, Victoria
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And each one looks pretty interesting in its own right. First up there's GTFO (take a guess what it stands for), a new co-op shooter that looks like a cross between Left 4 Dead and Aliens. It comes from one of the lead designers of the Payday series and was announced alongside gameplay footage at The Game Awards earlier today.

The survival aspect looks fun, as does the combat. This is expected to launch sometime next year.

Next up we've got Witchfire from the team behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Plus, Painkiller and Bulletstorm. Which has resulted in a fantastic looking shooter that blends gorgeously detailed fantasy environments with dark and gory combat. Unfortunately this is still a long way off from release, so chalk this one up as a cool debut that we probably wont see again for quite sometime.

Finally, we've got the follow-up to Firewatch from studio Campo Santo, a tomb raiding adventure called In the Valley of Gods. This, looks awesome. And as I'm still playing Assassin's Creed Origins, the Egypt vibe is timely.

Of course, more titles were announced or given a new look at The Game Awards. The above are three of the new game announcements that stood out, and titles that we definitely want to see more of.
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Witchfire looks impressive visually, I wonder if it will be a bait and switch between now and release like Watch Dogs was. Gameplay is like FPS version of Dark Souls/Bloodborne, Seems interesting.
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Witchfire looks really beautiful visually, and I love what they have shown of the gameplay so far. The other two look good too.
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GTFO sounds really good, but i hope it's more open than linear like L4D.
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