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Sonic's back! Well, he kind of always comes back so no real need for an exclamation point. but anyway, fresh for another dose of collecting rings and taking down Dr. Eggman across PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, comes the all Sonic adventure - Sonic Forces. A game that also lets you create your own Sonic hero.

Which the game ends up placing almost all its focus on.

Sonic Forces doesn’t so much switch up the formula as it feels content in presenting byte sized classic Sonic-style stages that can be completed in a few minutes. Stages that either play out from a 16-bit side-on perspective or the endless-runner third-person viewpoint first seen in Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast.

But, where it differs and offers a new spin on the age-old and somewhat spotty history of Sonic games is the introductions of a make-your-own Sonic character. Which, when not controlling the blue hedgehog, take centre stage. Sonic Forces immediately doubles down on this make your own Sonic approach, where in addition to getting to choose what animal you want to be you also get a choice of weapon or ability. Which in turn adds a bit of variety to the levels, but usually no more than shooting fire instead of electricity.

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