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Telstra data gone unlimited for some ))
Gold Coast, Queensland
2136 posts

Hi to all, was just reading today that hellstra have taken the hint and all existing customers and new customers with $99 dollar account are now all unlimited data .

This is a major win for the consumer, looks like the recent heat about the NBN and generally s*** speed have prompted a small step in the right direction.

About f***en time !! Rejoice

07:26pm 14/11/17 Permalink
07:26pm 14/11/17 Permalink
Other International
862 posts
unlimited data means s*** when my down speed is ~300kb max and unstable.

F*****g liberals and their mixed technology.

YES I'm still bitter.
07:43pm 14/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
19157 posts
my account now says unlimited. sweet!
10:13pm 14/11/17 Permalink
4067 posts
I'm not even on NBN but Telstra have over sold the s*** out of my ADSL port so I barely get 10% of what I should be getting during peak hours so their unlimited plans can straight get f***ed.

At night I barely manage 2Mbps and during the day on the weekend it's a constant 5-6Mbps.

A lot of people are having problems with Telstra over-selling ports. You used to pay more for Telstra but at least you got the speed you paid for, now you just pay more. Being on a Telstra monopolized exchange f*****g sucks.
02:51pm 15/11/17 Permalink
4068 posts

Current speed at 7.30pm, I live right next to the exchange and should be getting over 20Mbps.
08:40pm 15/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40864 posts
does it get any better?
08:52pm 15/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
11712 posts
Ugh deadlyf that would be frustrating
09:19pm 15/11/17 Permalink
4069 posts
yeah Spook, during the day I can get near full 20Mbps at times but peak hours are basically constantly between 2-3 Mbps.

Goes to s*** at around 5pm and doesn't pick back up again until 10.30pm or so. Basically peak Netflix hours.
10:35pm 15/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
23828 posts
i dont even use my 500gb, i cant download enough
10:56pm 15/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40865 posts
f*****g netflix.
06:55am 16/11/17 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
9530 posts
I'm at LAX right now and can't believe the pitiful data allowances you get over here in the US. Considering the criticism Australian internet gets, I can't say it's remotely justified. I get something like 12gb on Telstra for $70/mo. I paid nearly aud100 for 6gb on AT&T.
07:48am 16/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40866 posts
i got 10g on a prepaid in bali for $40 aus
08:51am 16/11/17 Permalink
Rockhampton, Queensland
493 posts
Not sure how I feel about it as a telstra customer on nbn 100/40. all the torrenters will be out in force clogging the network without limitation.
09:00am 16/11/17 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
8464 posts
don't even use my 2TB/month, not sure what i'll do with unlimited. used 1.4TB last month. That's with the kids leaving HD Youtube and netflix running all day and night when they don't stop streaming to the externally powered chromecasts.

At least netflix stops and asks you eventually.
11:52am 16/11/17 Permalink
11:52am 16/11/17 Permalink
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